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After the Election
Sept. 9, 2016

Despite the news media’s indisputable and incessant anti-Trump bias and its efforts to bury Hillary Clinton’s crimes and corruption, Donald Trump’s campaign is gaining momentum.  In the past three weeks, Trump has refined his message, reached out to minority communities and pounded the current administration, Hillary Clinton and the Washington culture for their many failures.  While appealing to minorities may be a winning strategy for the Trump campaign, Democrat recklessness and Washington’s complicity have failed the majority of Americans.

There is a palpable excitement and enthusiasm within the Trump campaign, and Donald Trump has a real opportunity to win the November election.  But the changes that Trump proposes--changes that will benefit all Americans, cannot be implemented without the help of the American people, now and over the next four years.
The Obama administration may well be the most anti-Christian government in American history, but it has also been the most anti-American.  More American citizens have suffered losses over the past seven years than in any period since World War II.  Fortunately, the people of the United States still maintain the ability to demand a national course correction every four years.  How bad is the need for a correction?

According to a report by the United States Conference of Mayors, real wages for American workers have dropped 23% since 2008.  Fewer Americans are working and we are all paying more for health care thanks to the fallaciously named “Affordable Care Act.”  The average American will pay over $10,000 per year for health care in 2017.

The United States Navy has only 276 deployable ships--the lowest number since 1916, even though the world is more dangerous due to ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism.  The U.S. Army has gotten smaller every year over the past five years.  In 2015, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff said that the Army was only at 33% readiness regarding its 32 Brigade Combat Teams, and should be at 70%.

Illegal immigration coupled with Congressional neglect are costing Americans billions of dollars in lost revenues and in the drain of public resources.  The Obama administration is resettling 10,000 Syrian “refugees” in America every month who have not been screened to determine is ISIS terrorists are among them.  The American people need to take back their government, but many disbelieve that they have lost it. 

The United States faces many urgent problems, and while a change in leadership will begin to turn the country around, that alone will not be sufficient.  Unless they are preempted quickly, the next series of abuses of an ultra-liberal Democrat president will certainly exceed those of the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Unchecked evil never stagnates; it always continues to grow when not confronted.

Since the primary responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense, Congress should enact legislation that prevents any future U.S. president from gutting the military in order to fund wasteful programs like Obamacare.  Congress must establish a minimum funding level that will prevent a recurrence of the present dilapidated state of the armed forces.  Naturally, Democrats in Congress will resist this initiative.  Therefore, the American people will have to demand that they do so. 

President Ronald Reagan was able to revive the military services after years of neglect by the Carter administration, even with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.  He did so by appealing directly to the American people.  Donald Trump will have to employ this method if he expects to enact his ambitious agenda.

The federal government is also responsible to protect our Constitutional rights--an obligation that all three branches of our government have betrayed.  The U.S. Senate must refuse to confirm to the U.S. Supreme Court, any jurist who lacks a demonstrated history of upholding and validating the Constitution.  The oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” is sworn by all members of Congress, the armed forces and the president, and it’s the primary role of the Supreme Court.  It’s time the people hold all government officials to that oath.  After all, the Constitution is our only safeguard against another tyrannical and lawless federal administration. 

Obama’s transgender bathroom policy and defiling of the White House with rainbow lights following the Supreme Court’s egregious same-sex marriage decision, are ample evidence that America is losing the culture to wickedness and depravity.  The Church in America is a needed ally in this battle, but it has been sidelined by a previous devious Democrat. 

The IRS provision that allows churches to be stripped of their tax-exempt status, which Donald Trump calls the “Johnson Amendment,” must be abolished.  This law has had a chilling effect on local pastors for far too long, and like all sinister acts, it was committed in the dark.  LBJ inserted this provision into the defense appropriations bill in 1954, rather than openly introduce it to the full senate and risk its defeat and embarrassment to himself. 

Democrat policies are becoming increasingly anti-American and evil.  Sadly, too many of our fellow citizens are ignorant about the corrupt and criminal history of Hillary Clinton and her absolute unworthiness for the office of president.  Many people still get their information solely from the mainstream media which has become an unofficial agent of the Democrat party.  Those of us who know the truth must inform others.  

The differences between the candidates for president could not be more stark.  Americans can either choose freedom, prosperity and safety, or we will have corruption, tyranny and an explosion of lawlessness.  While every presidential election is a referendum on the previous administration, each is also a barometer of the character of the people.  We shall soon prove whether freedom is still important to us and if we are worthy of the sacrifices made by our forebears who left unto us, this great nation. 

Electing Donald Trump to be our next president will be a good beginning, but we must then work to support his agenda if America is going to reclaim its position as the shining city on a hill.

As published in the Roanoke Times

Memories: Real and Imagined
Sept. 3, 2016

Americans have very short memories.  As humans, we tend to recall unpleasant events as less heinous than they actually were.  This mechanism, provided by our Creator, protects us from constant torment by horrible pasts.  When recognized for its proper purpose, it’s a healthy defensive shield.  But some will attempt to abuse this tendency for destructive purposes.  Abusers of children and rapists will often attempt to overwrite memories of their horrific crimes with words of love and caring or convince their victims that the endless pain they suffer is nothing more than misperception.

Historical revisionists are joined today by media storytellers.  Some are news anchors and journalists who rewrite historical facts in order to hypnotize the ignorant and uninformed with a distorted myth, hoping to overwrite actual experiences until the myth becomes de facto reality. 

One example of this technique is the constant reference by network media to the John F. Kennedy administration as Camelot.  Women can be certain that those years were nothing akin to Camelot for Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline, who was publicly humiliated by her promiscuous husband.  Neither was the Kennedy term a fairytale for children who had to learn, drop, duck and cover in nuclear attack drills, and to think twice about eating freshly-fallen snow for fear that it might be radioactive.

Despite the long dark cloud of gloom and doom that hung over the country and the persistent turmoil over the Viet Nam war, many Americans have somewhat fond memories of Lyndon Johnson, despite his overtly racist view of African Americans.  While LBJ is credited for signing the Civil Rights Act, most Congressional Democrats including 18 senators opposed the bill, while 80% of Republicans favored it.  Recent PBS television specials that chronicle the period, among them the dubiously titled, JKF & LBJ: A Time of Greatness, provide reason for suspicion that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution used by Johnson to justify the Viet Nam war, may have been a bogus invention enabling LBJ to portray himself tough on communism. 

By far, the longest and most frustrating 15-month period of modern American history overlapped the last year of Jimmy Carter’s administration.  In 1979, the most powerful nation on earth was held captive along with 51 kidnapped Americans, by Iranian thugs.  Carter’s feckless mismanagement of the hostage crisis mercifully ended his presidency.

President Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 and America was back.  Over the next twelve years, our military and economic strength revived.  The Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall came crashing down.  But then, Americans got sleepy once again. 

In 1992, we were told a fictional story about “a man from Hope” (who was actually from Hot Springs) and we endured eight agonizing years of scandal, corruption, lies and incompetence.  Corpses began turning up in strange and mysterious places where the Clintons had previously been.  School shootings and terrorist attacks were increasing in number. 

When the World Trade Towers were attacked, President George W. Bush sent terrorists hiding in caves of Afghanistan and underground holes in Iraq.  The U.S. economy was recovering, but the mortgage industry was in terrible trouble.  Democrats blocked attempts by the Bush administration to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from hemorrhaging cash.  Eventually we found out why, when Democrat Senators Evan Bayh and Chris Dodd were caught manipulating the rules.  The damage done by their reckless practices and policies created the recession we now suffer under.  Neither was held accountable.  

Once again in 2008, ambiguous dreams of “hope” and “change” carried voters back to Slumberville.  The past eight Obama years have brought us more scandal, corruption, death and despair than even the Clinton years.  We have an administration that not only refuses to enforce our laws, but actively promotes crime by rewarding sanctuary cities that harbor criminal aliens.  Our military is weak, our economy is collapsing, our culture is diseased, and we are told another fairytale. 

For the first time in American history, we have a presidential candidate who is known to have committed numerous felonies prior to the election.  Meanwhile, partisan media hypnotists sing lullabies of fiction and fallacy to the masses hoping they won’t wake up before November.  Stay awake; make America great again. 

You probably don't know me, but if you keep reading, you soon will.  I grew up in the Midwest and in last best days of modern American history.  In the 1960s, kids didn't have to worry about being shot on their way to school, being propositioned by a lesbian or homosexual or if their schools were going to teach them what is true.  None of these can be taken for granted today.

Everyone believed in God because it is the only sensible thing to do.  No one dared to burn an American flag except to decommission it.  Murder was unheard of for most of us, and we could trust that almost anyone would help you if you were lost or in trouble. 




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