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None Dare Call it Socialism
(But that's what it is.)

April 23, 2016

Whenever a church loosens it’s grip on scripture, worldly principles creep in, and unless they are quickly uprooted and removed, they will thrive and take it over like weeds in a neglected vegetable garden.  No good thing can come from cooperative relationships between the Church and the world in which the world dictates the terms.  It’s been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and such is the case with the misguided ecumenical delusion called “social justice.” 

Nearly every liberal mainline church denomination today, has adopted social justice policies.  Liberals often confuse and mislead others by calling things what they are not, and social justice is another horrible example.  The reason for the use of this linguistic device is to deceive and confuse, and that lets the discerning man and woman know from whom the Left’s ungodly and unrighteous ideas originate. 

Social justice has been defined in a myriad of ways, among them are: “justice as fairness,” “equality of welfare and well-being without regard to gender, sexuality, religion, age, disability, location, class, or background,” and “equal access to community resources.”  It’s not a new philosophy, but merely a new label for an old dreadful scheme.  Social justice dates back to 1850 having been defined by the Catholic church as a virtue.  At first glance, social justice may indeed, seem like a virtue, but it’s application today is actually a cleverly disguised road to misery and national disaster.   

Ensuring that all people are treated equally under the law is a fundamental American principle that was first introduced to the world by the early Church and is certainly something that each of us should embrace on a personal level.  But where justice can be objectively codified, fairness is subjective and cannot be universally defined.  Social justice goes afoul when it empowers governments to impose equality of outcomes or wealth redistribution.  At this point, social justice is nothing more benevolent than institutionalized theft. 

The most common and visible contemporary application of the social justice effort is the on-going campaign to raise the minimum wage at the federal level to what is often described as a living wage.  The national living wage is a frequently promoted goal of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Artificially imposing mandatory minimum wage rates for unskilled employees always results in fewer numbers of those jobs, a net loss. 

Demands for equality of wages without regard to the amount of training, skill or education required by a particular occupation are doomed to fail.  Wealth redistribution is incompatible with the free market capitalism that has fueled American excellence, but it’s gaining support among the young and the thoughtless despite its present and visibly destructive effect on the U.S. economy.

It’s worth stating that anytime the word justice is modified by descriptors such as: social, environmental, racial or economic, injustice is the certain result.  The fact that these corrupt and deceptive policies are thriving in churches is prima facie evidence that mainline denominations lack sound leadership and have abandoned the authority of scripture.  Social justice is no more noble than socialism at best; communism at worst.  It is unworkable and a dangerous and destructive focus for any Christian organization. 

One primary reason that no Christian organization should give consideration to social justice is that the task of imposing wealth redistribution is always given to state or federal governments.  We have all seen countless examples of how incompetent state and federal governments are at dispensing aid to individuals.  Governments cannot make effective charities nor should they attempt to.  It’s the responsibility of individual Christians and other people of faith to provide personal help and assistance to those in need, and that’s a task that no government can adequately perform.  It’s precisely the personal involvement that makes it possible for both parties to be blessed--the one in need and the one who meets the need.

Many people favor social justice efforts as long as someone wealthier than them is the object of seizure.  It takes no special intuition to recognize that if social justice were to be imposed at a global level, nearly everyone in the western world would have to become much poorer and less productive in order to achieve economic equity worldwide.  Such a practice not only kills the spirit of generosity in the giver, but promotes a sense of entitlement among the recipients. 

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described socialism as “the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.”  He said, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.” 

It’s ironic that at a time when the western world has just witnessed the great socialist powers of the east collapse and fall, we in the west are beginning to see our own people embrace the very philosophical illusions that destroyed them.  But then, we live in a culture that stubbornly refuses to accept the wisdom of any prior generation.

Scripture warns us that “friendship with the world is hatred toward God.”  The adoption of worldly liberal doctrines by the Church is responsible for all kinds of apostasy today.  By whatever new name it may be called, “social justice” is by its very nature, injustice, and can never be transformed into a righteous act or noble effort. 

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Little Lies--Devastating Consequences
Jan. 23, 2015
As unlikely as it may seem, the deadliest force in America and the world today is not terrorism, nuclear weaponry, the Ebola virus or H.I.V.  The deadliest agent in America and the world is common and familiar to everyone.  The deadliest force known to mankind is a lie.  Through a lie, 6 million Jews were annihilated by Nazi Germany.  Through a lie, 55 million people have been killed in abortion mills in the United States.  The result of a lie has been the murder of millions of Christians in China and Africa, and through a number of lies America is being destroyed. 

One little lie that our media and many politicians have incessantly told is, “America is a nation of immigrants.”  While it is certainly true that many of our parents and grandparents came to this land from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, they came here and became Americans and raised their children to be Americans.  America is not a nation of immigrants.  America is a nation of diverse people who united under one flag--the flag of the United States of America. 

The problem with half-truths is that they are only half true.  Accepting that America is a nation of immigrants weakens the resolve of people who honestly and rightfully desire to protect their families and their futures from a massive and uncontrolled influx of people from other countries who do not share our values.  We not only have a right to protect ourselves from such an influx, we have an obligation to do so. 

Many lies come to us in a single word.  They involve calling things what they are not.  One of these which many Americans accept is the lie that lesbians and homosexuals are “gay.”  Use of this deception prevents people from recognizing how depraved the lifestyle of same-sex degeneracy truly is.  Calling lesbianism and homosexuality what they are not, masks what they really are.  This tactic is repeated in many areas of our culture.  Only by refusing to accept the lie, can we require others to face the hideous reality of lives devoted to debauchery. 

Abortion proponents call themselves “pro-choice” but this, too, is a lie.  The truth is that having made one poor choice, abortion advocates seek a “do-over” by making a second and more egregious poor choice.  They are led to believe that an abortion will erase the consequences of the first sin, but they are duped.  Women who have had abortions and the men who love them will attest that an abortion leaves scars that cannot be seen but often last a lifetime. 

The National Right to Life Committee and other pro-life groups pay a high price for confronting the pro-choice lie of the abortionists and Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is, itself, another lie.  P.P. does not plan parenting.  On the contrary, they plan the demise of parenthood.  The tide of support for abortion has turned in America where a majority of people now admit that they believe that abortion should be outlawed or severely limited.  One way all of us can work toward that end is to pull back the veil on this gruesome and barbarous industry. 

In 2008, when Barack Obama was running for the nomination of the Democrat Party, he was asked by a reporter if he would want either of his daughters to have an abortion.  Obama’s callous answer gave Americans a rare glimpse into the dastardly mindset of the senator from Illinois.  He told the reporter, “I wouldn’t want my daughter punished with a baby.”  That explains how many people on the wrong side of the abortion issue view an unexpected, albeit intentional pregnancy¾as punishment.  His election was America’s humiliation.

“Social justice” is a lie that thrives in many mainline churches today.  In fact, there is nothing just about the effort to steal the wealth of some in order to give it to others, even if government is commissioned to carry out the crime.  Many of those who seek to hike the federal minimum wage to a “living wage” are social justice proponents.  Governments were never intended to be charitable organizations and they do an abysmal job every time they are given the opportunity to prove it. 

The first North American settlement to employ socialism was that of the Puritans at Plymouth.  They soon learned, as has every other nation since, that equal wages for unequal work is patently unjust.  Nevertheless, this insanity persists in America and throughout the world.  God expects His people to be charitable toward those who genuinely need help, and to be involved in a personal way.  Charity is not something that can or should ever be relegated to the state.

Matthew 7:1, “Judge not that you be not judged” is not a lie, but the way it’s so often misinterpreted is a lie.  This is likely the most readily memorized verse of scripture in all of the Bible and it is usually applied outside the context it was spoken to address.  Even non-Christians and imposter-Christians know this verse.  They will invariably and in ignorance attempt to use it to silence the voices of the righteous who bravely confront wickedness in our culture.  The verse does not mean never judge. 

Most Bible commentaries explain that what is being proscribed is condemnation of another person for some specious and subjective reason, and not calling out sin.  Christians, and indeed all people, are to be discerning of what is good and what is evil.  Proof of this is given in Christ’s words found in chapter seven of John’s gospel, verse 24, where Jesus says, “Judge not according to appearances, but judge with a righteous judgment.” 

One little lie that has done a great deal of damage in our nation is, “Never talk about politics or religion in polite company.”  This is a lie that must be crushed.  It comes straight from Satan’s headquarters in the smoldering abyss.  Only when false ideas and flawed policies are brought out in the open, can they be challenged and wholly dispelled.  Since our ideas about politics and religion are widely applied to all other areas of our lives, they are the most important ideas we hold and rotten ideas will always beget rotten consequences.

This singular little lie has allowed churches to embrace perversity and continue to claim entitlement to the same respect as those that hold fast to biblical orthodoxy.  It has allowed sin to thrive in the open.  It has emboldened sinners to silence saints and it must be challenged in our society at every turn. 

Every four years, America tolerates a limited and temporary suspension of this ban for sake of the election.  Those of us who know the truth should seize this opportunity to crush the little lies that are ruining our culture, our children, and our futures.

Little lies kill and little lies destroy.  There are no little white lies; all lies are black. 

What's Wrong with "Common Sense Gun Control?"

January 17, 2015
Common sense is certainly a commodity that is in short supply in America these days, especially in Washington.  What’s wrong with “common sense gun control.”  Not a thing.  The question is who it is that is calling for common sense and what they might mean by that description.

Listening to Democrats in Washington crying for common sense gun control is like hearing a Palestinian Arab calling for peace in Israel.  Something about it just doesn’t sound right.  Democrats are not known for exhibiting anything remotely akin to common sense on any issue, so their veracity is dubious at best.

There is also the question of what these common sense measures would do, if anything.  Obama and others, cheered on by the leftist media like to talk about “closing the gun show loophole.”  The fact is, there is no gun show loophole.  That’s just an illusion created by the gun-grabbing left.  There is no legal requirement for a private citizen to pass a background investigation in order to purchase a car from a family member or a friend, and yet, a motor vehicle used as a weapon, is far more deadly than a handgun. 

Any infringement of the Second Amendment is a threat to all of the people.  The Left would like nothing more than to disarm the U.S. population.  After all, doing so would make their efforts to control the citizens and squelch any resistance to their crimes and abuses much easier.  Only an armed America can be a free people.  Democrats say they want to expand background checks--again.  They say they want to ban “large” magazines--again.  They say they want to ban “assault weapons” (a bogus political term)--again.  None of these policies will affect the behavior of criminals or terrorists in any way.

We already have background checks that disqualify persons who have criminal histories, protection orders against them, or have been treated for mental health problems.  How would more of the same change anything?  Can these checks prevent terrorists from killing our people?  Will they stop criminals from killing police officers?  The enormous gaping chasm in every one of the “common sense” Democrat policy initiatives is that only responsible people will obey them. 

I would be happy to submit to more gun laws if Obama would stop violating the gun laws we have and circumventing immigration law.  I’d gladly submit to more intense regulations if Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring would do his job and pursue voter fraud crimes.  I’d even agree to take regular gun safety classes if former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton would be held accountable for Benghazi and her many violations of U.S. espionage laws.  Why do we continue to make laws that not even lawmakers fully understand or commit to follow?

Democrats despise the Second Amendment because it’s an affront to their reckless, dangerous and undemocratic policies that are leading this country into ruin.  When the Left says, “It’s about guns and gun violence,” it’s never about guns and gun violence.  When Democrats say Obamacare is about providing health care to the uninsured, it’s not about providing health care, it’s about controlling health care.  When godless liberals talk about bi-partisan cooperation, they mean imposing their reckless agenda on Congress and the people.

Liberals delight in shouting, “Hypocrite!” whenever a Christian opposes their attempts to ban guns from law-abiding people.  They see a dichotomy where none exists.  They will ask, “How can you say you’re pro-life and then own guns or join the NRA?”  It’s quite simple.  Because Christians realize that God makes a clear distinction between  the spilling of innocent blood and killing in defense of one’s own life.  Therefore, it is precisely because we value life that we are willing to take lawful and responsible steps to defend it.

Like many of my former shipmates, I first learned to shoot firearms in the U.S. Navy.  When I was discharged, I had no thoughts of guns and no desire to own one.  But that all changed for me in 2007 when Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting spree and began killing students and faculty at Virginia Tech. 

While working for the Virginia State Police, I saw that campus police and troopers were powerless to stop Cho because he had chained and locked the doors to the building he was in from the inside.  Even if they could have gotten the doors open a few inches, most police officers do not carry bolt-cutters with them, and the hinges of the doors are also on the inside.  But what shocked me was that when Cho was reloading one of his guns, the students simply cowered in a corner waiting to die.  Unlike the heroic men on the plane that was heading toward Washington on September 11, 2001, no one stood up and said, “Let’s roll,” and tried to rush Cho, they just cowered in a corner and waited to be killed.

Shortly after the carnage at Virginia Tech., I bought handguns for my wife and myself, and we train regularly to maintain our shooting skills.  We hope never to have to test our shooting skills on another person, but we will never again be unprepared to defend ourselves or others like the students at Virginia Tech. 

Later in 2007, Matthew J. Murray killed four people and wounded five at Christian fellowships in Colorado, and we all remember the nine Christians killed during a bible study in Charleston, South Carolina on June 16 of last year.  No one can afford to take for granted his or her own personal safety and security in this America of hope and change; not even in church. 

Husbands and fathers have a moral obligation to protect and defend their wives and children.  We all know this.  Therefore, it’s outrageous act of betrayal for liberal politicians to attempt to deny any lawful American, the ability to defend his own Constitutionally-guaranteed right to life or the lives of his family members.  Worse, to deceitfully package such a nefarious intent in a wrapper of “common-sense gun control.”

The truth is that mankind is not getting better--we are getting worse.  When there is no fear of God before his eyes, man will sink below the level of wild beasts.  We have seen men who deny that they are men and pretend to be women.  We have seen the Supreme Court of the United States hand down one un-Constitutional ruling after another, even creating a right for men to marry men and women to marry women.  

Common sense recognizes a threat and prepares for it.  Common sense finds a solution to a problem and adopts it.  Common sense does not surrender or disarm.  Neither does it lay down and die.  There is no common sense in Democrat gun control policies, just uncommon recklessness and deceit. 

Obama’s Final Grade: F-

Jan. 15, 2015

Unlike other State of the Union speeches we have seen in recent years, Tuesday night’s message was uninspiring, lacking direction, vacuous and devoid of content.  In his high-pitched and monotonous whining voice, Mr. Obama sounded like a schoolboy who had just been caught in an act deserving of corporal punishment, offering a pathetic and unbelievable excuse for his actions.  He didn’t even sound as if he believed what he was saying, so I doubt that many others believed him either. 

Surely, Obama must well realize that none of his initiatives will get a second hearing.  If cooperation is one’s goal, accusing your opponents of being racists and religious bigots is not the best place to start.  The folks he planted in the House of Representatives chamber to be examples of his successful health care reform and of Muslim good citizenship were not effective.  He seemed to use the time most effectively to turn Congress and the public against himself.

Few of the Democrats present even took the opportunity to resound in applause of agreement of his plans.  Vice President Biden could be seen telling House Speaker Paul Ryan that he didn’t know that he was to be the administration’s point man in finding a cure for cancer.  Obama failed to address any of the issues that have most people’s attention at this time in our history--protecting the nation from ISIS terrorists, halting illegal immigration, cutting taxes, repealing Obamacare and reducing government spending in order to stimulate the U.S. economy.

Any new extravagant spending plans like providing a two-year community college education to students at taxpayers expense, investing taxpayer dollars in alternative energy sources or throwing money at the red herring known as climate change are probably dead on arrival.  Nevertheless, Obama dealt Republicans a hand of four aces in his speech.

According to the latest Gallup polls, the top five issues Americans are most concerned about are health care, immigration, the national debt and deficit spending, moral decline and education.  Closing Guantanamo, combating climate change, gun control, increasing the minimum wage, pension portability and improving our global image are nowhere on the list of top public issues, illustrating the depth of division that exists between the administration and the American people.

The Affordable Care Act has been a costly and miserable failure as anyone familiar with it can attest.  The purported objective of making health care available to uninsured Americans has been a total failure.  The number of uninsured Americans is virtually unchanged since 2008.  The Affordable Care Act must be repealed if middle and lower class Americans are ever going to be able to purchase adequate care.

Democrats have no defense against claims they have permitted illegal immigration to flourish unabated.  The fact that they are now pushing policies to allow illegal immigrants to acquire state driver’s licenses and opposing efforts to require that voters provide positive identification are clues that voter fraud is going to be a rampant threat in the 2016 election. 

America has endured the longest recession in U.S. history, and there is no sign that real growth is ahead.  Obama has created the most enormous increase in the national debt in history, and the economy cannot long bear the weight of this massive burden.  Repealing Obamacare will be a start, but there must be cuts in wasteful government spending and the size of the federal government.  Governments can be good servants of the people but they can also be ruthless tyrants. 

The administration’s pandering to Planned Parenthood’s bloodlust and Hollywood’s depravity is another weakness of Democrat policies.  America is not strengthened by diversity, but by unity despite diversity.  Unity is our strength, but perversity is our weakness.  Republicans need to end the sinister oppression and abuse caused by the LGBT agenda and squelch its screeching demands. 

Now that the No-Child-Left-Behind Act has been superseded by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 to the delight of the National Education Association, testing will decline, thus, accountability will vanish.  Public education will resume its long-running history of academic incompetence and programming children into the ways of the ungodly.  Eliminating the Standards of Learning means that the people now have virtually no standard by which public education performance can be measured.  Public schools will once again become indoctrination centers for fringe left-wing causes. 

Republicans have an excellent opportunity to make real education reform by breaking the stranglehold that the teachers unions have over the futures of America’s children.  They can accomplish this by busting the monopoly that these unions have used to avoid accountability for their dismal performance.  But it’s a dangerous gambit to underestimate Republicans propensity to allow opportunities to evaporate right before their eyes.

We have another twelve months of this long national nightmare to endure and many terrible and destructive corruption eruptions may yet await the United States.  The past seven years have provided us with another spectacular illustration of the truth of Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.”  I thank God we shall not have to groan through another State of the Union speech from this administration.

Trump and Unintended Consequences

Dec. 11, 2015
Politics is sometimes a fascinating sport, especially at this stage.  Election seasons begin with high hopes, lofty speeches and great plans for, and anticipation of the future.  Often, the most unlikely characters enter the races.  Washington insiders tout their lengthy “public service” resumes and others claim that their positions as outsiders makes them a better choice because they are not sullied by lobbyist payoffs, special interest bribes or moral compromise.

All Americans, regardless of party or personal political viewpoint, want a champion who will makes their lives better--we simply disagree over what “better” means.  In general, conservatives want leaders who will uphold the U.S. Constitution, keep the country safe, inspire people to live better lives, keep the burden of government small and keep its heavy foot of oppressive regulation out of their lawful enterprises. 

Liberals want a champion who will give them something that they do not already have and may not be entitled to, who will not ask much from them personally or morally, and will promise to “level the playing field,” or slope it to their advantage.  For them, the means are justified by the end result, even if the U.S. Constitution and federal or state laws have to be violated or abrogated to achieve the goal.

Every national election is, in part, a referendum on the previous administration.  In my lifetime, there has never been an administration as demonically-corrupt, craven and scrofulous as the current one.  For this reason, it’s puzzling that Republican candidates are not making more of the gross public failures of the Obama administration.  The field of Republican candidates has largely been consumed with posturing for the favor of the people, much like body-builders flexing their various muscle-groups and holding poses for cameras in their sport’s competitions. 

At this point in most previous presidential contests, the candidates would be attempting to show that they can and will make needed changes to current policies.  They would be defining themselves as the one who can carry the banner of their party all the way to the White House.  But instead, they have been unable to present an image of someone who is determined to make great changes.  All except Donald Trump, that is.

This past week, something amazing was revealed.  In the wake of numerous recent terrorist killings, Donald Trump announced a plan to ban Muslims from coming into the United States unless and until the federal government can make certain that ISIS members and other terrorists are not among them.  Media liberals predictably reacted with outrage, indignation and condemnation¾the very actions they frequently denounce.  Right behind them, Republican candidates Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Carly Fiorini and Marco Rubio joined in, adding their own condemnations.  (Ted Cruz is the only major candidate who declined to condemn Donald Trump). 

Unexpectedly, Trump’s popularity has increased and the others have decreased.  In fact, polls show that if the election were held tomorrow, Trump would win against scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton.

The self-serving responses of Republicans who chose to side with media liberals, eliminates all of them except Ted Cruz from serious consideration.  America needs a president who can make bold and sensible decisions and stick with them.  America was built by people like Trump, not by the timid who must consult with a political adviser or pollster before deciding what to believe.  Donald Trump is not a politician, and many Americans find that refreshing. 

America is broken.  Our national security is nearly non-existent.  The Obama administration has exalted evil and depravity and condemned what is good, righteous and lawful.  Obama has emboldened and empowered our enemies and rebuffed our few loyal friends.  Our Supreme Court is out of order and our streets are not safe.  The economy is collapsing under the enormous weight of entitlement programs, debt and fraud.  There is much work to be done to rebuild and safeguard the United States and the top job requires a bold leader who is willing to take bold action.  At the moment, Donald Trump appears to be the only man up to that challenge.

If there is one thing we all know about Donald Trump, it’s that he’s not afraid to fire people who will not do their jobs.  Washington is bloated with such.  Republicans had better rethink any plans they may harboring to expel Trump from the party.  He doesn’t need them or their money, but one thing is certain.  Republicans cannot win in November if they have to put up a candidate against him. 

Election day is still a long way off, and almost anything can happen between now and November, but America needs a strong leader like Donald Trump.  We need someone who knows what he believes and is determined to make the United States the best  nation on earth, that we know it can be.  As an added bonus, we don’t have to wonder whether or not he is eligible for the job.

Who Are We Really?

Dec. 10, 2015
We have all been treated to non-stop coverage on television and in newspapers of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s condemnation of presidential candidate Donald Trump, over Mr. Trump’s statement that the United States should immediately block the all  Muslims from entering the U.S. pending an investigation of their backgrounds.  One article I read suggested that such a ban “may not even be constitutional.” 

Speaker Paul Ryan declared, “That’s not what this party stands for and more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for.”  It’s not a good sign for his career as Speaker, that Congressman Ryan’s remarks nearly parrot those of the Obama administration made earlier this week.  It doesn’t sound as if Speaker Ryan knows who we are as a people, so I wrote to inform him in the following letter:
Dear Mr. Speaker:

    Clearly, you do not understand “who we are as a country,” so I will tell you.  We are military veterans and the families of veterans who offered-up our lives and made numerous personal sacrifices for the freedom of these United States--sacrifices that you cannot imagine and do not honor.  We are middle-class working people whose hard-earned salaries you have wasted on worthless projects and programs.

    We are Christians and church members who have watched as one administration after another attempted to deny our right to worship the one true God, and heard them tell us that we must keep quiet because there are a few atheists around.  We are unemployed people who have lost jobs because Washington politicians like yourself have been unwilling to secure the Mexican border. 

    We are retirees whose healthcare system you have destroyed and whose Social Security System you have stolen from.  We are home-owners whose investments you decimated through reckless lending and banking practices.  We are family members who have watched you stand by silently while the U.S. Supreme Court unconstitutionally altered the make-up of our society and our nation’s families. 

    We are children whose lives you have mortgaged in order to advance your own careers.  We are students who cannot get an adequate education because you made backroom deals that advance an agenda that neglects academic learning in favor of programs that are hostile to our culture and our faith. 

    And we are law-abiding citizens whose security you have failed to protect as you posture to appear “inclusive” and “welcoming” to all--even those who come from nations that sponsor terrorism.  We are fed-up with politicians who have no integrity, neither personal or professional.  You need us, but we do not need you.

    If Republicans had done their jobs with the slightest hint of commitment to the values and needs of the people who elect and pay them, there would be no need for a candidate like Donald Trump, who refuses to dance for you like a puppet on a string.  Every one of you in Washington has failed us. 

    I don’t know, Mr. Ryan, if it’s because you come from Wisconsin or if you have just been too long in Washington that you are so woefully ignorant about who we are, and I don’t care.  Donald Trump did not call for the internment of Muslims already in the United States--that was the action of a Democrat president against Japanese citizens during World War II. 

    Mr. Trump simply stated that we should halt the flood of Muslim Syrian refugees until we can determine with some degree of certainty, who they really are.  If that troubles you, get over it.  It’s a good and sensible idea and millions of us support it.

    We want Obamacare gone, wasteful spending stopped, the Mexican border closed and guarded, illegal aliens forced to return to their homes and we want the government to get out of our businesses and our lives.  We want members of Congress, the administration and Supreme Court to honor their oaths to “uphold the U.S. Constitution and protect the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  Those who violate their oaths should be expelled.  Members of the armed forces should not be held to a higher standard than their civilian leaders.

    That’s who we are, Mr. Speaker, and your fellow Republicans would do well to listen to us instead of the Washington elites, the left-wing belligerents and the media.  We accept and welcome all law-abiding and freedom-respecting people of the world.  But we oppose the foolish incompetence of politicians who permit the takeover of the United States by those who break-in by night or come here to rob, to kill and to destroy, and you should, too. 

I doubt that Speaker Ryan or the Republican Party will suddenly have an epiphany that causes them to reverse the dangerous course they have plotted for us all, but maybe another election-year defeat, will.  Unfortunately, that may cost all Americans four more years of misery, death and loss.  

Crushing the lies that too many Americans foolishly believe.

"Seek the Motive; Find the Truth."

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

December 7th, 2015

Those of us who watched Mr. Obama’s televised address on Sunday evening were treated to the same kind of tedious twaddle mixed with distortion and sprinkled with hypocrisy that we have come to expect from this administration.  His speech follows the deadliest mass-shooting of this century in which a Moslem couple carried out a massacre that claimed 14 dead and 21 wounded.  The San Bernardino shooting, which Obama had attempted to use as a stump from which to preach the need for more gun laws, the FBI has labeled a terrorist act. 

In Sunday’s speech, Obama called upon Americans to come together around our “shared values,” ironically stating that, as Americans, we “honor all religions.”  He urged cooperation of all Americans to make the country safer and to fight ISIS.  It makes one wonder if he actually read this speech before he stood in front of the camera to read it on-air.  Perhaps he has forgotten the numerous attacks he has launched against America’s values in general, and America’s Christians, specifically. 

Obama said that Moslems in America are athletes, members of the U.S. military and peaceful citizens.  He called upon Congress to do more to provide background checks for those who enter the U.S. and, yes, to pass more gun control measures.  One might wonder where Mr. Obama has been for the past seven years. 

On Friday November 27th, the FBI processed nearly 200,000 background checks for people purchasing firearms, illustrating that people no longer believe that law enforcement agencies can protect them.  The fact that gun control laws are already excessive and redundant and provide no reduction in the numbers or scope of criminal or terrorist acts is clearly lost on the Obama administration.  No more gun laws are needed, are sensible or are of any value, and fortunately, Congress seems to be listening even if Obama is not.

Obama’s call for more background checks for people entering the U.S. is ironic considering that the administration has been deaf to calls from Congress and the public to halt the influx of Syrian refugees.  His refusal to do anything to slow the tide of illegal entrants from Mexico illustrates a stunning ignorance of national security risks.  The administration has systematically blocked entry to Syrian Christians who are not terrorists, favoring the importation of Moslems who might be. 

The speech follows a pattern that has been used many times in the wake of tragic events like Sandy Hook, Fergusen, Baltimore and New York City and it has three primary parts--obscure the crime, condemn political opposition and punish the lawful.  Over the past seven years Obama has so abused his office and divided the American people by race, religion, class and culture that there remains little chance of cooperation toward any objective.  He has shirked his responsibility to secure the people, broken federal law, violated his oath to defend the Constitution and repeatedly chosen division over unity and perversion over morality.

Congress should act immediately to secure the Mexican border and halt the importation of Syrian refugees pending a review of methods that will weed-out suspected terrorists and ISIS sympathizers.  Any effort toward further gun control legislation should be scrapped as a waste of time that will produce no additional protection whatsoever. 

Americans in every state need to learn about Islam and what the Qu’ran really says.  Those who continue to insist that Christians and Moslems worship the same God must be educated out of this dangerous and deceitful lie.  The God of the Bible condemns murder while Allah encourages and even demands it.  Everyone who refuses to see this fact is a potential victim of Islamic terrorism and a threat to us all.

Americans will do what we have always done in times like these.  Refrain from over-reaction, take their personal security into their own hands and attempt to persuade our leaders in Washington to do what is right, sensible and effective.  They will not amass into mobs to torch mosques or neighborhoods of peaceful worshipers nor will they declare war on all Arabs.  But neither will they forget that the risk of terrorism in today’s America is all around them. 

No longer is Islamic terror restricted to the Middle East or caused solely by a small minority of Wahhabi Moslems.  The killers in San Bernardino were radicalized after they came to this country and many thousands more could yet be.  America has faced up to every past threat in order to defeat it and we will likewise eradicate this one. 

Give a Democrat enough rope and he will invariably wind a noose for his enemies and stick his own head in it.  That is the effect of Obama’s televised address.  An amusing distraction and nothing more.  Obama’s legacy has already been written and it cannot be altered by an eleventh-hour attempt to portray himself as someone honorable or credible who seeks the best interests of the country after seven years that prove otherwise.   

Anecdotal events do not a scientific study make.

The Next Big Lie

November 8, 2015

It’s been said that a man who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything.  It would be difficult to conceive of a better illustration of this truth than the leftist propaganda and fear-mongering about “climate change,” formerly known as global warming. 

To review recent history, in the 1970’s, the environmental extremists’ cry was that the earth was cooling too quickly and we were headed for another Ice Age.  When the actual global temperatures didn’t conform to that idea, they changed their approach and cried that the earth was warming too quickly and we were all going to burn up.  Thus, global warming had to be stopped.  But once again, the facts failed to support that theory, therefore, they now cry that all dramatic weather patterns are causing climate changes that result from man’s impact on the earth through the use of oil and gas as energy sources and that these energy sources must be eliminated. 

In typical Democrat fashion, those who dispute their conclusions or refuse to fall in line with their agenda are labeled “Climate Change Deniers” and must be destroyed or marginalized.  Our network media largely supports this big lie commonly called climate change.  It’s fascinating to me that the politicians who most vociferously push policies to impose severe penalties on citizens for the stated purpose of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, usually drive SUVs or luxury cars and leave the largest “carbon footprints.”

Invariably, climate change advocates point to the shrinking ice packs at the north pole.  They ignore the fact that the ice pack in Antarctica is simultaneously growing.  Why?  Because that would not be helpful to their cause.  They will speak of temperature measurements of air and water as evidence that climate change is occurring at an alarming rate.  But any research effort carried-out with a pre-existing motive will always result in a predictable outcome. 

Much of the data referenced by climate-change proponents is based upon measurements from temperature sensors that were placed on the roofs of buildings just feet away from the hot-air discharge of air conditioners and other locations where an inaccurate measurement of ambient temperature is certain to result.  This is why double-blind studies are far more reliable and thus, required in drug trials.

Climate changes are normal and natural.  It is at best erroneous, at worst deceptive,  for meteorologists to report temperatures and levels of precipitation as above normal or below normal instead of above or below average.  Nevertheless, they do this habitually.  The age in which we now live is neither the warmest in history, nor the coldest.  It is neither the most extreme nor the most violent.  Therefore, the conclusion that man’s use of oil and gas is the cause of these changes is simply preposterous. 

For the Christian, the conclusion proffered by the climate change cultists fails at an early level.  The idea that a Loving Creator God would place man on this planet, tell him to “fill the earth and subdue it,” and give him the resources and the power to adversely affect his own survival as well as that of the entire earth, is absurd and untenable.  Here we have another illustration of the fact that a biblical worldview is powerful and liberating--it frees us from the tyranny of thought that results from the lies of depraved men who are bent on re-forming the world in a way that corrupts God’s plan and purpose.

Scratch the surface of the worldview held by any godless Democrat, and hypocrisy inevitably gushes-out like water from a ruptured fire-main.  The very people who advocate radical policy changes to reverse climate change also hold tightly to the senseless fallacy of evolution through so-called natural selection.  Their own claim that all of earth’s creatures exist as we now know them because they have adapted to changes in their environment, is starkly at odds with their extremist paranoia about a changing climate.  If indeed, all creatures continually change as a result of adaptation, then climate change--a perpetual fact of life on earth--cannot be seen as adverse, logically-speaking.  Of course, logic has no place in the godless Democrat mindset.  In fact, it is antithetical to such a mind. 

In summary, climate change makes no sense according to a biblical worldview, nor does it makes any sense according to a humanist worldview.  It is not supportable by fact and cannot be taken seriously by any thinking person.

The real loser in political movements like the climate change scare is, ironically, science itself, or more specifically, the credibility of scientists who join the left or permit Democrat politicians to use them and their work to push their dangerous and costly radical agenda.  A real scientist is nothing if he or she is not credible.  This is why legitimate scientific data must be peer-reviewed and repeatable--not based upon consensus.  Consensus is a political construct that has no merit or meaning in science.  Reliable data will stand or fall on it’s own worth.  Unfortunately, political influence is exerted to silence dissent in all areas of our culture today, and scientific research is no exception. 

For proof that political pressure influences scientific study, one need look no further than the American Psychological Association (APA) which, bowing to left-wing political pressure, removed homosexuality from the DSM, (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) reclassifying it as harmless.  Today, even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is now being misused to misinform.  It’s incessant claim that human-caused climate change is responsible for all violent acts of weather, is based upon unreliable data that is enforced through political pressure with the goal of coercion. 

In the final analysis, either there is an authority higher than man or there is not.  If there is, then it’s imperative that we learn and observe it.  If there is not, then we condemn ourselves to be controlled by others whose true motivation is to rule over and dominate the masses.  The most sinister kind of tyranny is, of course, the tyranny of thought.  And that is the real goal of the political coercion employed by the American left.

What Will America Become?

October 30, 2015
With another big election year ahead, one question Americans must decide is, “What kind of government will America have from this date forward?”  It’s clear that Democrats and the left do not respect and will not uphold the U.S. Constitution and neither do their ideological colleagues on the Supreme Court and federal courts.  However, it seems that most citizens still do.  Either we will be a people ruled by our founding documents and the rule of law or we won’t, but the situation we have now where judges and can make or repeal laws at whim is unworkable and intolerable.

Today, we cannot even depend upon elected officials to do the jobs they were sent to state houses and Washington to perform.  We have watched as presidents, senators, congressmen and even state governors, attorneys general and city mayors violate the law and their oaths of office with little or no consequence.  The threat of anarchy is very real in the United States of 2015. 

Most private citizens believe that they should obey laws even when it may be expedient not to, simply because these laws are duly-enacted, not capricious and will be enforced universally.  They expect that their elected leaders will be likewise held accountable to the law.  But events over the past seven years have shown us that is not the case.

A CNN poll from 2010 states that only 42% of Americans are convinced that Obama is eligible by birth to be president.  The remaining 58% are either certain that he’s not a naturalized citizen or are unsure.  Obama has violated US immigration law, violated US firearms laws through Operation Fast and Furious, and, by making a dangerous deal with Iran, has made the world a more dangerous place for Israel and the U.S. and all free peoples in the Middle East.  Obamacare has tripled the cost of healthcare for every citizen except members of Congress and the administration who are, of course, exempt from its burdensome regulations.

The Supreme Court’s decision that stuck down same-sex marriage bans was the most outrageously unjustifiable and unconstitutional decision since Roe v. Wade.  With decisions like this, no one’s Constitutional rights are safe.  Will the Second Amendment be the next freedom to be infringed?  Perhaps the Supreme Court will decide Americans no longer need the Fourth Amendment’s protection from unlawful search and seizure. 

The federal government is broken.  Congress has spent or wasted every dollar that has ever been invested in the so-called “Social Security Trust Fund” and every dollar earned by Medicare.  In addition, they have saddled you, your children, and your grandchildren with a debt that cannot be repaid.  The budget “deal” that is likely to pass this year, will kick the national debt to over $19 trillion!  That’s nearly double what it was seven years ago.  Congress currently spends $500 billion more than the treasury collects in revenue.  Business as usual cannot continue.  Currently, every U.S. citizen’s share of the debt is $57,000 (Of course illegal immigrants have none of this burden since they do not pay taxes).

One way to end the corruption in Congress might be to require every outgoing congressman, senator, president, cabinet member, justice and judge to release his or her income tax returns from the years they “served” in office.  Perhaps this should begin with House Speaker, John Boehner.  Since he hasn’t been representing the people, a look at his tax returns would show the people who he has really been serving.

It’s certainly easy to paint everyone in Washington with the same broad brush, and there are surely many in Washington who have opposed the feeding-frenzy that occurs during each budget cycle.  But each of us needs to remember that this is your country and mine--it belongs not to the government but to the people.  Every dollar spent or wasted in Washington was earned by someone either through direct labor or investment, not through fortunate circumstances.

It’s time to make some decisions.  Do you want judges to continue to make and repeal constitutional laws at whim?  Do you want elected officials to continue to steal your wealth and waste it on pet projects designed to keep themselves in power or spend it on themselves?  Do you hold any rights or freedoms sacred?  Do you expect elected officials to be held to the same standards as the public whom they profess to represent?  If you do, then you are going to have to get a quick education and work to make these things happen.  If not, or if it’s just too difficult, then do not complain when the government comes to take your guns, your money, your freedom, your home and your children.

Where Have all the Grown-ups Gone?
Oct. 29, 2015

America is in big trouble.  In our nation, we have political programs on radio and television that tip-toe around religious issues for fear of losing market-share.  And worse, on Christian radio and television programs, most pastors refuse to provide biblical application to political issues and campaign races.  As a people, we have no problem discussing any kind of sexual depravity in detail, but to speak of politics in the context of religious faith--that we dare not do.  This cowardly aversion to examining the important matters of the day under the bright light of biblical truth may well be the reason we stand at the precipice of national disaster.

In 2008 and 2012, 95% of black Protestants and nearly half of all self-defined Christians voted for a presidential candidate whose eligibility for office is still unproven, who described a pregnancy resulting from a willing act of sex as being “punished with a baby,” who destroyed the best health care system in the world, who has given the world’s top terrorist state--the Islamic State of Iran--the financial resources to produce nuclear weapons, and who habitually violates the U.S. Constitution through executive orders and circumvents the properly-enacted laws of the people.  Meanwhile, the people are ominously silent. 

We cannot rely on our national media to tell us the truth about events of the day.  The networks intentionally bury stories like the rape of a 15-year-old boy by Obama fundraiser and homosexual activist, Terry Bean, and the rapes of two women by former Democrat Congressional aide, Donnie Rae Williams.  They refuse to report the long list of criminal convictions by cop-killers like Tyrone Howard in New York City, or the deaths of our citizens like Kathryn Steinle, by illegal immigrants who have been deported multiple times only to be released by sanctuary cities like San Francisco. 

Nearly every new network television drama contains a perfunctory lesbian or homosexual encounter.  Local stations have begun to omit the immigration status of child sex offenders and drunk drivers who kill our people.  Our Supreme Court justices and federal court judges do not respect the U.S. Constitution that they swore an oath to protect and uphold.  If government officials won’t enforce our laws, how can we expect our fellow citizens to obey them?

We currently have a presidential candidate who is known to have violated U.S. espionage laws and whose negligence may have caused the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya during her term.  Nevertheless, the network media continues to report on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as if none of these things matters.  Meanwhile, most pastors refuse to point out the glaring fact that one of our national political parties has devoted itself to promoting and defending every kind of evil imaginable.

How can people who claim to be Christians and attend churches each Sunday deny their confessions of faith on the first Tuesday in November?  How does someone who calls himself a Christian, cast a vote for a politician who supports Planned Parenthood with it’s harvesting of fetal organs for sale and the ACLU in its crusade to erase every hint of religious practice from public view? 

How does a Christian vote for a candidate who offers credibility to the Palestinian Authority which is run by the terrorist group, Hezbollah, and who seeks to punish Israel to whom every Christian owes a debt?  How does a Christian vote for people who defend a failing and ungodly public education system which lies to their children teaching them evolution as factual in the absence of any real scientific evidence,  indoctrinates them into all forms of sexual perversity and denies the unmistakable influence of Christianity in the formation of this country?  How does a Christian vote for a candidate who supports the right kill the unborn up to the moment of natural birth as well as the aged who are considered inconvenient? 

Some say ignorance is to blame while others point to arrogance or laziness, but none of these is a defense.  For the past several decades, America has been on the wrong side of history--rushing headlong toward the abyss.  The events of our time portend a sordid and depressing tragedy that, without radical repentance occurring now, will certainly end in the triumph of evil over righteousness and result in our own destruction as a nation.  Woe to us, Americans, hypocrites! 

Impeach federal "judge" David L. Bunning.

Eight Signs the United States is Approaching Revolution

Sept. 6, 2015

America is in big trouble, and most of us have realized this for a long time.  Injustices are occurring in the United States at a rapidly-increasing rate.  Citizens are losing their constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few decades ago.  We are fast approaching the point at which revolution will be the only remaining alternative to complete tyranny.  Consider the following indicators.

Corruption in Congress
The federal government is now the largest single employer in America.  The federal government employs nearly 3 million people, and more than 95% of these work for the executive branch.  That figure does not include the 2.5 million members of the military services, contractors, or the U.S. Postal Service. 

The national debt is currently at an historic high of $18.4 trillion and the federal government spends $500 billion per year more than it collects in revenue.  This situation is unsustainable and unacceptable.  Your share of this massive public debt is $190,000!  When people lose control over their wealth, they cannot call themselves free.  All of this monstrous debt has been heaped upon the people by reckless congressmen and senators who purport to represent them.

Corruption in the White House

Leaders no longer respect the U.S. Constitution, state constitutions or enforce our laws.  Barack Obama has engaged in illegal actions such as Operation Fast and Furious that resulted in the deaths of U.S. citizens.  Our cities are being ravaged and American jobs stolen by illegal aliens enticed here by an administration that cares nothing for properly enacted laws.  Voters in 2008 and 2012 had ample warning about who Obama is but refused to hear.

Corruption in our Courts

What used to be the people‘s last line of defense from governmental tyranny--the Supreme Court--has become, (with three notable exceptions) little more than a body of craven and cowardly political extremists that likewise, hold the U.S. Constitution in contempt and misuse their authority to strike down laws they don’t agree with and even create new law from their bench.  At the local level, the “judicial system” functions more like a TV game-show than a serious system of justice, where criminals exchange information for reduced sentences.

Corruption in our states

Even at the state level, dereliction of duty is spreading at an alarming rate.  Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring, violated his oath of office with his first official act.  Herring refused to represent the Commonwealth of Virginia in federal court in the state’s defense of the constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, as is his job as Attorney General.  He now plans to run for re-election.

Corruption of our security
The United States is not secure.  In fact, national security is a joke.  Thanks to decades of congressional and presidential neglect, the United States is exposed to invasion by any foreign agent or force from the south.  We spend countless millions of dollars securing our airports only to leave the backdoor unlocked and wide open to any and all who would come.

Corruption in our Political System
We even have a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, who is known to have violated numerous sections of U.S. espionage laws--all of which are felonies, parading around the country as if she knows nothing of these things.  Mrs. Clinton violated 18 U.S.C. subsection 793 by keeping classified material on an unsecured personal server.  This is a crime that would land any other private citizen in prison.  Clinton is now attempting to shift the blame to the technician who installed her home server.  Meanwhile she parades around the country as if she was a serious and viable candidate for the presidency and most of the nation’s media covers for her or promotes her candidacy.

Corruption in Public Education
America’s public educational system is broken.  According to the U.S. Dept. of Education, the nation’s students now rank 20th in the world in reading, 22nd in science, and 29th in math, even though we spend more money per student than all but five other countries.  More money is not the answer to America’s education crisis, accountability is, and unless the stranglehold of teacher’s unions and Washington liberals over public schools is broken, further decline is assured.  While students may fail in academia, they have become proficient in the characteristics of every kind of sexual deviance known.

Corruption in the Media
Recent public polls show that media “journalists” are trusted less than lawyers.  They lie by commission as well as by omission.  They portray criminals and sexual deviants as peaceful law-abiding victims of an otherwise vicious society, even as they paint faithful Christians as sinister, ignorant and malevolent when the reverse is the general truth.  In most cases, they have no accountability and accept no responsibility for the false impressions they leave in the minds of viewers, readers and listeners.  It’s increasingly the case at the local level.  But the most troubling fact is that most people depend on information from these sources to make their voting decisions.

This situation exists, in large part, because many of us remain ignorant of the issues of the day by choice.  We vote recklessly, and refuse to remain engaged in our government’s affairs until the next election season.  It’s becoming impossible for parents to protect their children from the perverse sexual bent of an offender who takes notice of him or her.  Revolution will soon be the only alternative to tyranny, and many will ask, “How did we come to this?”  Now you know.

Despicable Deal
July 18, 2015
Hearing Mr. Obama’s threat to Congress today caused me to think of only one word--despicable.  During his announcement that a deal had been reached with Iran, Obama threatened Congress that he would veto any modifications to the deal.  Congress, therefore, should reject it.  It’s a bad plan that will give Iran the ability to proceed with it’s nuclear aspirations and continue exporting weapons to terrorist agents in neighboring Arab states.

There is nothing in the Iran arms deal that benefits the United States.  It does not free any U.S. hostages held by Iran or other Arab states.  The plan does benefit Iran, however.  The deal permits Iran to commence the development of ballistic missile technology within the next eight years, and to continue its nuclear weapon work within ten years.  It also releases $100 billion of Iranian assets that have been frozen by U.S. and other overseas banks, and lift the European Oil embargo.

The Demonic Duo of John Kerry and Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) has unleashed upon the free world, the top exporter of death and terror enabling them to make good on Iran’s stated national goal of “wiping Israel off the map.” 

One of Obama’s talking points about the Iran deal, has been the claim that “snap inspections” can occur anywhere in Iran and at anytime.  But this is simply not true, because the deal gives Iran the right to delay inspections up to 28 days.  That gives them ample time to hide, bury or disguise anything that may be prohibited.

In his televised statements, Obama said, “Of course, we will help Israel to defend herself,” but there is very little cause to believe these words as his history provides him no credibility.  He promised the American people that they would be able to keep their health care coverage if they chose to.  That was a lie.  He claimed that he was not in favor of same-sex marriage.  Another lie.  And Obama said that he would not attempt to circumvent U.S. immigration laws by executive order.  This lie he repeated over 20 times. 

At the end of his second term, President Bill Clinton made heroic efforts broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.  The efforts failed because the administration made the mistake of thinking that Yassir Arafat would negotiate in good faith.  And while Clinton’s motives of leaving a legacy of peace in the Middle East may have been self-serving, the goal was a noble one.

If Obama is at all concerned about his own legacy, one must wonder what is to be gained by this disastrous capitulation to the terrorist state of Iran.  If he hopes to leave a legacy of death and destruction, the Iran arms deal might make sense.  Israel is in great danger, not just from Iran, but Israelis must know by now, that they cannot expect any assistance from the United States before at least 2017. 

The fact that John Kerry helped to broker this deal is not surprising.  After all, he began his political career by betraying his friends and fellow soldiers.  It’s only fitting that he would end it the same way but on a grander scale--betraying his country and America’s most reliable and steadfast ally.   

According to a report by the Associated Press, Iran Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif is already telling the Iranian people that the deal will lift U.N. sanctions.  The deal keeps the arms embargo in effect for up to five more years, but it could be lifted sooner.

There is no reason whatever, to expect Iran to abide by the terms of the accord.  The Qu’ran permits Muslims to break promises made to a non-Muslims.  Iran’s Islamic clerics refer to the Unites States as “The Great Satan.”  The world should expect any requests to send inspectors into Iran to verify that the activities of its nuclear industry are peaceful, to be met with denial, delay and stone-walling.  Meanwhile Israel sits below them as a lamb destined for slaughter.

Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab populations that are bent on the annihilation of the peace-loving Jewish people, some, like the Palestinians, are even within its borders.  Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, said to Arab terrorists, “We can forgive you for killing our children; we can never forgive you for making us kill yours.”

The United States of America needs Israel more than Israel needs us.  America has undeniably been blessed by God.  In Genesis, God said to Abraham, “I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you, I will curse.”  The Iranian arms deal puts us in a position to be cursed by God.  And with the state of debauchery that exists in our culture today, that’s one risk we cannot afford to take. 

We can and should expect the administration to attempt an end-run around Congress by acting unilaterally.  Congress cannot allow this, and neither can we.

             Go Ahead--Admit it!
July 13, 2015

I get a lot of hate mail, as I’m sure does everyone who writes about Biblical Christianity and truth and stands up and speaks out against the corruption of American culture.  It goes with the territory, and we accept it as one of the challenges inherent to this type of ministry.  But what I notice more and more, are vile and malicious condemnations from people who also call themselves Christians or make it clear that they think of themselves as such.  These are the folks who despise any mention of sin or God’s imminent judgment of it, which is to come. 

This heresy is nothing new.  It’s been around from the beginning, again proving the truth of Solomon’s words, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  Evangelist, Charles Spurgeon warned of it’s rapid growth in the 19th century, and the fallacy is called antinomianism. 

Antinomianism--a heresy largely unknown and unidentified by the average American--is the false doctrine that belief in Christ alone, apart from adherence to moral law, is all that is required for salvation.  And while it is true in a narrow context, it usually leads the heretic to jettison moral law entirely.  What makes this even more insidious today, however, is that what is called belief in our nation of dolts, is often interpreted as nothing more than mental assent to the idea of Jesus, the historic fact that Jesus lived and walked the earth or holding onto some warm and fuzzy thoughts and feelings about Jesus. 

At the root of every heresy is a Satanic lie.  The great lie in this case, is that belief means something less than complete and total devotion, dedication and surrender of ourselves and everything we are to Christ--not as payment for salvation, but in gratitude for it--His life lived through us.  The trouble with antinomianism, is that it keeps people from coming to Christ the Savior in brokenness and shame, begging forgiveness and pleading for restoration.  After all, someone who cannot see himself or herself as a hopeless sinner, has no need of a savior. 

Genuine Christianity is further eroded by what I call, the gospel of love, which is the false belief that God loves everyone “unconditionally,” regardless of their behavior and without limit or restriction.  This counterfeit gospel omits the fact that God is holy, righteous and just.  It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s the secular gospel of post-modern America.  These three things combined, antinomianism, a loose definition of belief, and the bogus gospel of love, provide the means by which the reprobate comes to think that he is more righteous than the redeemed.   

These are the church members who would gleefully join with Christ in condemning the Pharisees and Scribes, even though they would be the first among us to call for His crucifixion today.  Why?  For the unpardonable and unforgivable act of simply identifying sin as wickedness, evil or depravity.  Our post-modern culture has zero tolerance for this kind of thing, as does the antinomian. 

Many pastors charitably refer to these as “nominal Christians, and mainline churches are full of them.  In reality, these proud, pathetic characters are as far from God as the Amazonian pagan who has never heard the name of Christ.  That is why they embrace same-sex marriage, the ordination of homosexuals and other grievous sexual sins.  They never develop the mind of Christ because they have not been transformed from death to life.

It’s frequently heard in Christian circles, “hate the sin but love the sinner.”  Although this isn’t scriptural, there is some truth in it.  The trouble is that those who preach this message, generally, do neither.  They don’t hate sin, they tolerate it or openly accept it.  And they don’t love the sinner, because they refuse to tell him what he needs to know to have eternal life.  Those who do not hate sin will stand by silently and watch the sinner die, and that’s not love at all.

Paul tells us to “abhor what is evil, and cling to what is good” (Rom. 12:9).  Spurgeon wrote, “We do well when we are angry with sin.  He who is not angry at transgression becomes a partaker in it.  Sin is a loathsome and hateful thing and no renewed heart can patiently endure it.” 

Therefore, the next time you condemn a Christian for speaking the truth, do not claim to be a brother or sister in Christ if you are really an antinomian.  Just admit it.  And do not attack the righteous unless you are certain that you are on solid biblical ground, and not simply shooting the messenger because you don’t like that the message of truth conflicts with your heretical secular gospel.  

                   A Righteous Revolution
July 7, 2015

Friday, June 26th 2015 was a disastrous day for America--far worse than September 11, 2001.  The Supreme Court’s lawless and un-Constitutional ruling to strike down same-sex marriage bans in the United States was a reckless and sinister act that will affect every American for years to come.  America is broken, and now, one of three things will follow:

- God’s judgment will fall upon the United States of America,
- There will be a second US civil war, not North against South or East versus West,
   but of the righteous against the unrighteous--the heartland versus the coasts.
- Or there will be a Righteous Revolution--an Awakening of the Church.

Make no mistake, the decision to end state bans against same-sex marriage was not based upon Constitutional law.  It was based upon nothing other than blind political ambition and a seething hatred for the laws of God.  At least 82% of Americans oppose it.  It is being enacted, not by democracy, but against the will of most of the people.

Equal rights was never an issue.  The goal of the godless homofascists pushing same-sex marriage is to de-Christianize America.  When they talk about wanting to make America a secular nation--they don’t just mean a godless one--they mean a sinister one.  We’ve seen that when you remove God from any area of society, evil takes His place.

If you are tempted to think, “What’s the big deal?  This doesn’t affect me.”  It will and here’s how.  The next steps will come fast and hard.  Sodomites and lesbians will invade churches and Christian businesses and demand that religious objections to perverse same-sex marriage be crushed under the heavy boots of an unrighteous government that cares nothing for our faith.  In fact, one EEOC Commissioner, Chai Feldblum has already said: “sexual liberty must trump religious liberty.” 

The LGBT community will attempt to use the government to force pastors and priests and anyone else, to defile themselves by compelling them to submit to their depravity, and they will use lawsuits, coercion, and intimidation to accomplish this.  It’s already happening. 

Persecution is not coming to the Church in America--It’s here already.
The rabid LGBT minions are coming after your treasure, your children and grandchildren, and even your very soul.  They will now begin to indoctrinate children in public schools and government-subsidized day care centers, introducing them to homosexuality and trans-sexuality.  That is the reason for the push for Universal Pre-Kindergarten by Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and others.  They know that a child’s moral code is firmly established by age six, and they want to get hold of kids at ages 3, 4 and 5 in order to indoctrinate them into their depraved vision of domestic carnality. 

Watch for age-of-consent laws to be questioned by the media, challenged in courts, and violated in our neighborhoods.  They will attempt to break down any and all resistance.  The pedophile group, NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) has not gone away, they’ve been hiding under the skirts of the LGBT beast.

Some people today, believe that love means never telling others a difficult truth--that there is virtue in the tolerance of sin.  But that’s wrong.  Tolerance of sin is no virtue.  On the contrary, tolerance of sin is callous disregard and that--the most enduring kind of hatred.  The Christian knows that sin kills, and it kills eternally. 

Whenever you talk to people about homosexuality, some will try to silence you by crying for “tolerance.”  They don’t want tolerance of other views, but they will demand tolerance of sin.  These self-styled “open-minded” ones, are aggressively hostile to anything Christian and any mention of sin or righteousness.

Some may quote, Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”  Even unbelievers, who know no other verse of scripture know this one, and they always take it out of context.  Telling the truth that homosexuality is very grave sin is not judgment.  But the goal of these ignorant people is simply to shut you up.  

Others may say, “Let he who has never sinned, cast the first stone.”  This manipulation combines woeful ignorance of scripture, with a backhanded judgment of you.  Do not be deceived!  Telling the truth is not casting stones.  Yes, all have sinned, but all are not sinners.  A sinner saved by grace is a sinner no more. 

Jesus not only tells us to judge, He tells us how to judge saying, “Do not judge according to appearances, but judge with a righteous judgment.”  John 7:24.  We are going to judge angels, and we are going to judge the world with Christ.  We should, therefore, know God’s standard.

Homosexuality is being exalted by our culture as something above reproach.  Everyone knows that adultery is sin, that stealing is a crime, and that perjury is wrong, and no one who says so is targeted as malicious, hateful, bigoted or homophobic.  Now, we have enshrined perversion in our laws and the Church can not allow that to stand.  It’s not “gay” and we shouldn’t buy-in to that deception. 

Transgenderism is already upon us.  The media will be pushing this more and more in the television programs you watch, and in the so-called “news” coverage.  They will portray transgenders as harmless, kind and even good people, and persist in showing Christians in television programs and movies as intolerant, fanatics who are  hypocrites and nut-jobs. 

Have you seen the new seductive and sinister Tylenol commercial?  It shows two women and then two men as the announcer asks, “When was the last time you fought to be a ‘family?’”  Satan's lies are very shrewd.

The Church is the only remaining moral authority in America, but we haven’t been bold, committed or consistent in proclaiming it.  If we don’t stand, America will fall.   Numbers are unimportant with God.  One person standing with the LORD is a majority.  We are in the battle of our lives, and while this is a spiritual battle, it will be fought through flesh and blood people with words and prayers for pulling down the high places in our culture. 

Therefore, let us stand and not be moved.  Speak, and not be silenced!  Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! 
Ps 68:1

                      Last Gasps of the United Methodist Church

June 23, 2015

American culture is sick, and the reason is that so many of our churches are.  Death and decay are rampant in our culture because churches have been unable or unwilling to confront them.  They fail or refuse to bring salt and light to the world around them.  The United Methodist Church is one such example. 

Perhaps you’ve seen the television ads that ask you to “rethink church.”  “Church can happen anywhere,“ they say.  The United Methodist Church’s “Rethink Church” campaign is the latest attempt by the UMC to slow the 48-year membership hemorrhage.  Since the unification of Methodist and United Evangelical Brethren churches in 1968, membership has tumbled from 11 million to 7.7 million people even though the population of the country has climbed 60% over the same period.  Some may be tempted to think, “Yeah, but that’s due to the secularization of our culture.  Church membership is down everywhere.”  Not so. 

The truth is that the percentage of Americans that attend churches regularly is about 50% of the U.S. population, where it has been for the past 50 years.  The more conservative Evangelical churches, and mostly conservative non-denominational churches are seeing their memberships explode.  Even the Catholic church is growing.  Meanwhile, nearly all of the ultra-liberal mainline churches are dying.  Why?  There is a simple explanation for this. 

An interesting trend has occurred over the past 40 years, and it continues to this day.  Mainline denominations like the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, the Episcopal Church, and the United Church of Christ, have made their churches less judgmental and more sin-friendly to the point that the path to salvation, and indeed, even the need for it, are no longer mentioned.  After all, to suggest that anyone needs salvation implies that some might be helplessly lost, without God and without hope, and that is anathema to the holiness-hating humanistic liberal mindset. 

The trouble is that our culture has now become so corrupt, chaotic and depraved that many people are looking for something to help them to make sense of the current times¾some way to escape the insanity and emptiness of the purposeless existence that did not and cannot satisfy them.  When they come in search of answers, they do not find them in mainline churches. 

Mainline denominations have forfeited the gospel and its power in order to gain members and the approval of the secular world.  As a result, they have become so much like the world, embracing every form of liberal extremism and every fashion of depravity, that they can now offer nothing to the man or woman who is looking for truth, deliverance from sin, a personal relationship with God, and real peace. 

With its “Rethink Church” campaign, the United Methodist Church is attempting to use the world’s methods and apply them to a spiritual problem, and that is why this misguided effort is doomed to fail.  Evangelism is not simply advertising the gospel in order to make a sale.  Evangelism is testifying to, and demonstrating the power of God through radically-transformed lives.  The Church cannot transform the world, by becoming like the world. 

But because of the obscene leftist bent of the UMC and other mainline churches that neither require nor encourage repentance from sin, personal growth and sanctification, an abundance of changed lives is not something that United Methodists can readily reveal.  I know because I was one of them. 

The UMC is holding its state conferences this month, and during this year’s conferences, the churches will decide whom they will send to the 2016 national conference in Portland, Oregon.  In 2016, United Methodists will decide whether or not to endorse same-sex marriage, and whether or not to eliminate their insipid official statement that “homosexuality is inconsistent with Christian teaching.”  Because of this, lesbians and buggers will attempt to pack the conference with pro-degenerate delegates.   No one dares to ask, “By whose authority do we countermand scripture?”  Indeed, scripture is rarely quoted and less often upheld as authoritative in discussions about homosexuality.

We know that we are in the perilous last days, because Paul tells us that people will be lovers of themselves, unholy, proud, blasphemers, despisers of good and having a form of godliness, but denying its power.  This is an accurate description of liberal mainline Christendom today.  The Apostle Paul then tells Timothy, “From such, turn away.”

Every drunk in recovery knows that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result each time.  But the United Methodist Church believes that by encouraging people to “Rethink Church” it can reverse its 50-year slide of dwindling numbers by pushing further and further to the left and away from God.  The right answer--the only solution that will work--is to follow the opening word of Christ Jesus’ ministry to Israel, “Repent!”
If the United Methodist Church refuses to stand against the loud and obnoxious hate-filled rants of the homo-fascists, they will die a slow agonizing death into obscurity following every other mainline denomination that has turned its back on God.  No one needs to rethink church, instead, Methodists need to rediscover the power of God in a real relationship with Christ.

There is no victory for the LGBT degenerates in the demise of mainline churches. 

Some may be tempted to view these events as tragic losses.  That would be a mistake.  None of the past or coming church defections has taken God by surprise, and none of them will alter His plan in any way.  These actions are simply hastening the decay of corpses that have been dead or dying for years upon years.  In the end we know, Christ is the Victor!

When, in any nation of free people, the government becomes unwilling or unable to enforce its laws, the people have a moral obligation to cast off that government.

Here We Go Again

Mat 5, 2015

Opening arguments were presented to the Supreme Court last week, in the case of same-sex “marriage,” a situation that would have been widely recognized as too absurd to be taken seriously just 20 years ago, and yet, here we are.  At issue, is whether the citizens of any U.S. state will continue to have the right to ban same-sex couplings and call them marriages.  The Homo-fascists and the Lawless Left have long distorted the central issue, claiming entitlement of a fundamental civil right to seize the status and benefits of marriage.  But that’s a gross distortion of the truth. 

This case is actually far more serious.  There is real potential for the abolition of religious freedom in America.  The godless are now attempting to use specious and obscure claims of a Constitutional right-to-do-evil as a bludgeon to smash to dust, the religious freedom of those of us who oppose their dangerous and deadly desires.   

The attorneys representing homosexuals and lesbians want all state bans on same-sex “marriage” to be stuck down.  Attorneys representing the states of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee, want the High Court to uphold their right to ban them. 

Very little of the actual proceedings are made public.  Only audio and/or video recordings that the justices approve are released.  It’s an interesting process that the U.S. Supreme Court follows.  The justices do not address one another directly, rather they pose questions and make comments through the attorneys representing the opposing sides.  But some of the hollow arguments and senseless statements are very troubling. 

At one point, Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out that the only western nation to have approved same-sex “marriage” is the Netherlands, which did so in 2001.  He asked why the Supreme of United States should turn our society upside down.

In response to Justice Scalia’s question, Justice Stephen Breyer said that the argument that something should remain simply because, “We’ve always done it that way,” was a weak argument against the Civil Rights Act as well.”  While Justice Scalia’s questions are never so simplistic, taking a battle-ax to the one remaining pillar of our civilization, simply because “we have never done it before,” is equally feckless.

Michigan Solicitor General John Bursch argued against changes to the definition of marriage, claiming that procreation is its purpose, opening the door for Justice Sonia Sotomayor to point out that some heterosexual couples choose not to have children, whereas some homosexual couples do.  The trouble with that argument is that good governments make laws for the general rule, not the tiny minority of exceptions.

Predictably, Mary Bonauto, one of the attorneys representing homosexuals and lesbians, pointed out that same-sex “marriage” is currently legal in 36 states.  And that is correct, but only because unwise and unrighteous activist federal “judges” have struck down many state bans¾not because the people in those states approve of the fraudulent marriages.  Once again, the Godless Left is appealing to the 14th Amendment--that same antebellum amendment that was perverted by the 1973 Supreme Court to invent a new “right” to dispose of 50 million pre-born children in America.

There is no right that is being denied to homosexuals and lesbians that requires the invocation of the 14th Amendment.  It’s important to remember that what we have here is people who have chosen to be identified by their own depraved behavior, and not by any immutable characteristic.  Moreover, this tiny minority of 2-5% of the U.S. population cannot be permitted to reorder our society according to a corrupt worldview not shared by the rest.

While the reports we read and hear from the media are incomplete and often distorted, there exist some important arguments that seem to have been overlooked.  Procreation is not the central or even most important reason that marriage must remain as it has, and to suggest such puts the entire case on a precarious footing.  The safe and healthy upbringing of children into productive and responsible adults is far more important than simple procreation, and, as one who comes from a family that was ripped apart by divorce, it’s one I know all too well. 

If children are permitted to be adopted by same-sex couples, generations of brokenness, confusion, misery and sexual abuse will be the certain result.  The recent violent events in Baltimore and Ferguson are a screaming witness to the destruction that results from a breakdown in families.  Can America afford the family’s total dissolution?  

The nobility of the marriage of a man to a woman is a natural, moral and religious truth that has served mankind well for the ages that humans have been walking on the earth.  To pollute it at this time in our history would be no less foolish than a man pulling down the roof of his house upon his own head.

Because the United States is so deeply divided over moral and legal fundamentals, it would be difficult to see how the wrong decision here will not result in a second American civil war.  A ruling by the Supreme Court to overturn bans on same-sex “marriage” that have been properly enacted by the states will be correctly viewed by Christians as an openly belligerent affront to religious liberty, the consequences of which, may be dire.  This case could well be the fuse that ignites the powder keg of outrage that leads the nation into the first battle of a new war.  Our future as a nation and indeed, whether we have one, may well depend upon how the Supreme Court decides this case.

It would be utter foolishness for the Homo-fascists, the Lawless Left and their media mouthpieces to mistake the kindness and peacefulness of the Right as submission or weakness.  May God’s will prevail in the United States Supreme Court.

Death, Defiance and Destruction

April 30, 2015

This week we watched as another American city, Baltimore, Maryland, was set ablaze by boiling racism and blind rage forged in a sinister mindset perpetrated by the Left, that deceives people into believing that every adversity that occurs to them is the direct result of an oppressive and malicious society that is unified against them.  What makes this riot worse than the burning of Ferguson, Missouri, is that much of the destruction was politically-sanctioned by Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.  According to local news reports, Mayor Blake ordered police to “stand down” as rioting broke out following the death of Freddie Gray.  Gray died while in police custody, apparently due to a spinal cord injury.

Agitator-in-Chief, Barack Obama (or whatever his name really is), had been characteristically reticent during this latest round of rioting and mayhem except to condemn law enforcement officers and encourage the criminals, as has become his custom.  Officially, Obama has proposed spending 75 million more taxpayer dollars, of which $20 million would be used to equip police officers with portable video cameras, but this proposal is a clear indictment of law enforcement officers in every U.S. city who, by-and-large, willingly put their lives in jeopardy each and every day to provide for the safety of people and property nation-wide.  Meanwhile, the national media falls prostrate in mindless submission and agreement to Obama’s misguided plan.

As was the case in previous charades of this kind, the left-wing media, the family of Freddie Gray and notorious pugilist, Al Sharpton have been hard-at-work attempting to portray the deceased convict as a “victim.”  But that may be a more difficult-sell than when the same tactic was employed with previous thugs such as Rodney King in Los Angeles, or even with Michael Brown in Ferguson.  Over the past eight years, Freddie Gray was arrested no less than eighteen times, most of them, for the same charge--possession of a dangerous controlled substance with intent to distribute.  Gray was no stranger to police.  Like Michael Brown and Rodney King, Freddie Gray was a career criminal thug who had numerous encounters with police and learned nothing from any of them.  Despite the best efforts of police, when district attorneys make deals with crooks and refuse to prosecute them, and when judges turn them loose to avoid prison overcrowding, crime explodes as real victims are ignored. 

Left-wing activists can decry “racial profiling” all they want, but no amount of policy-making, legislation, social-engineering or sensitivity training can prevent a fully-functioning human mind from connecting faces of known repeat criminals with suspicion of trouble.  Nothing short of the sustainable repentance of a reformed criminal can annul such a reasonable correlation. 

While self-acclaimed, “journalists” like CBS’s Gayle King and Nora O’Donnell grill police officers in efforts to break off a moment of public approval for themselves, the real problem is never exposed, and one must wonder if Obama, Sharpton, King and Mayor Blake want it to remain hidden.  The black family in America is broken.  Fathers are not involved in raising the children they created, and 70% of black children grow-up in single-mother households.  While they may do the best they can, single-mothers cannot raise boys into upright men by themselves, and a large part of the blame for this situation falls squarely at the feet of a series of reckless Democrat administrations and Democrat-controlled Congresses that perpetuated the problem by refusing to challenge African-Americans to excel within this society, as we all know they can.  Instead, these weak-willed politicians have either parroted or accepted excuses for failure, creating generations of self-made victims.

Tragically, the full cost to American society by these events will likely never be felt by Obama, Gayle King, Nora O’Donnell or Mayor Blake who live in posh communities isolated from the madness they proliferate.  None of these people exhibit wisdom enough to realize that the culture they help to advance is one that benefits none and puts each of us at risk.  The cost will continue to be paid by people like Korean businessman, Richard Sung Kang, whose liquor store was demolished during the Baltimore riots.  Inside his store, were a security camera and video recorder, both of which were stolen by looters. 

Who is responsible for the death of Freddie Gray?  That’s simple--Freddie Gray.  There will be a full and thorough investigation and if there is proof of wrongdoing, the officers responsible will be mercilessly prosecuted, that is certain.  But ultimately, Freddie Gray died at his own hand.  Violence and death are always the potential costs of choosing the life of a criminal and a thug. 

Democrat Hillary Clinton wasted no time to begin pandering to the fallacy that crime is not the fault of the criminal and molding the destruction in Baltimore for her own political advantage.  She said to an audience this week, “There is something wrong when one in three black men in Baltimore cannot find a job.”  It’s utter nonsense to suggest that everyone who is unemployed is a victim of joblessness or a corrupt society.  Clearly, there are jobs in America¾the over 20 million illegal aliens are invading the United States for exactly that reason.  Ironically, many of the people who should have those jobs, habitually vote for Democrat politicians who are giving them away to foreign nationals. 

When nothing is expected of a person, nothing is what they will usually produce.   

                                              How the Media Deceives
March 31, 2015

Thanks to the high-profile scandals of NBC’s Brian Williams and CBS’s Dan Rather, both of whom were caught in outrageous lies, many Americans are becoming aware that network television news anchors and reporters rarely tell us the whole truth.  In the main, what is called “journalism” today, is not honest, truthful news reporting.  With the exception of Fox News and a few other sources, what passes for news or journalism is usually nothing more than a left-wing perception of facts force-fit into a godless secular-humanist worldview. 

“Buyer Beware,” is a prudent admonition for media consumers today.  For some, it may be difficult to recognize how media deceives us.  Actually, it’s to detect the deception than most people think.  What follows are some of the more common methods that often go unnoticed by large numbers of Americans.  They are often used in combination to increase their impact.

Time Imbalance- In nearly every news story that involves a controversial issue, the media will spend from two to ten times as much time explaining the preferred liberal position.  Pay attention to this, it’s used frequently, and in conjunction with other methods.

Saturation Coverage- In order to keep a particular story alive, media outlets will continue to air a story, often for weeks without a break.  This was done with the killing of homosexual, Matthew Shepard.  This technique was also used by NBC’s Brian Williams who repeatedly presented a sympathetic view of New Orleans residents who refused evacuation prior to Hurricane Katrina making landfall.  It was used again, with President George W. Bush’s firing of a few dozen U.S. prosecutors who were unwilling to pursue cases of voter fraud, in an effort to make the releases appear unjust.   

Deception by Omission-
The alternative to saturation coverage is burying a story or refusing to mention it at all.  This was done with the brutal murder of a 13-year-old Arkansas boy, Jesse Dirkhising.  Shortly after the death of Matthew Shepard, CBS News had the story of Jesse, who was mercilessly sodomized and killed by two adult homosexuals but refused to air it.  Why?  Because it would have blunted their established template showing homosexuals as victims.  For this reason, you will not see any stories of women who suffer anguish after an abortion, stories of homosexuals who leave the perverse lifestyle behind, or stories of people who leave the hopelessness of secular-humanism to become happy, healthy and successful Christians.  

Deception by omission was used by NBC’s Brian Williams in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The fact that President Bush pleaded with Louisiana’s Democrat  Governor Kathleen Blanco to declare a State of Emergency the day before the category 4 storm reached the Louisiana coast in order to mobilize National Guard assets, was never mentioned.  Neither was any mention made of how residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast recovered so quickly despite suffering more damage than New Orleans. 

Perception shift- In an attempt to show the left-wing position as less extreme, media reporters will often interview someone with a moderate or uncommitted view to supplant the middle-right, and then follow with someone who articulates the radical leftist viewpoint.  In this way, they seek to illustrate that there is no serious or rational alternative outside the range of viewpoints they are presenting.  This tactic was used by several of the networks to portray Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act as an anti-homosexual discrimination bill.

False Premises- In interviews, reporters will often pose questions that are based upon an assumption of fact that is false.  For example, to a presidential candidate who may advocate the repeal of Obamacare, an interviewer may ask, “Why do you want to deprive health care from people who have been helped by the Affordable Care Act?”  This question assumes that the goal can only be deprivation, and that the A.C.A. has helped anyone. 

Content Censoring- As long as people can control media, censorship will endure.  We tend to think that censorship is gone, but it has merely taken a new form.  The leftist media will always attempt to find the worse description possible of the viewpoint they want to squash, especially one that seems unreasonable or unfair.  They will never give an opposing position the opportunity to be explained.  They will, however, provide ample opportunity to the advocates of the their favored viewpoints, even if their arguments are false.

Misuse of polling data- The leftist media will often present data as a percentage if they want to minimize it, but use real numbers to amplify others.  When whole numbers are used to describe one field, and percentages are used for another, it is nearly always an attempt to deceive.  In an effort to portray homosexuals as harmless, media networks tell us that most children are sexually-abused by heterosexuals.  This is true because 98% of the population is heterosexual.  But they will not point out that homosexuals are 20 times more likely overall, to abuse children, which is also true.

The Herd Principle- One method that has been widely used to change public opinion is what might be called, the herd principle.  One well-known media source uses polling data to influence public perception by telling us what a majority of people surveyed says that they believe.  The surveys may not be scientific or accurate, but it doesn’t matter.  Our willingness to conform can influence us to believe something that may not be true at all, simply to fit in. 

False Characterizations- The media follows established liberal terminology referring to abortion as reproductive freedom or choice, sexual perversion as sexual orientation and any opposition to the radical gay agenda as discrimination or bigotry.  They will also use specious phrases like gun-show loophole and assault weapons and refer to sleep-deprivation as torture in order to sway public opinion in the desired direction.  They may use surrogates to make these assertions, but they are rigidly followed nonetheless. 

Lying Outright- Because this is risky to the credibility of any news agency, outright lies are most often filtered through some outside organization such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, GLAAD, the Democrat National Committee or some other pseudo-authority. 

Some may argue that the national media is not monolithic, but when it comes to the prevailing secular worldview, it pretty well is.  These methods are widely used for the express purpose of presenting a false impression that the radical left-wing agenda is reasonable, justifiable, and kind, while smearing any serious opposition as malevolent, ignorant, unreasonable and unacceptable.

It’s unfortunate that in a time when Americans depend upon mass media for information more than ever before, it’s veracity is dubious and illusive.  Truth is not difficult to find, but these days, each of us must search for it. 

A cold hard truth gently presented, is far more beneficial than a warm and fuzzy lie delivered by force.


                           Obama is a FRAUD
                        and here's how I know

You don’t know me, and there’s no reason that you should.  I’m just one of a hundred million faces in the United States, of people who grew up in the 1960s.  I’m a US citizen, a military veteran, and a Christian, and I take each of these roles seriously.  That is why I’m here to tell you that Barrack Hussein Obama is a fraud, and here’s how I know.

Back in 2008, when most people were not yet paying much attention to politics, Obama was being to be criticized by Hillary Clinton for his close relationships with domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, and his racist so-called pastor, Jeremiah Wright.  Obama’s citizenship was also being questioned.  Despite the DNC’s responsibility to vet it’s candidates, the Obama campaign offered no proof of his claim of being a naturalized citizen of the United States.  But conveniently, his Grandma “Toot” came to his rescue as she had many times before.  She got sick, and the media stopped asking questions.

Grandma Toot was reportedly dying of cancer, and the network media lavished praises upon Obama saying that he would be putting his campaign “on-hold” in order to visit his dying white grandmother in Hawaii.  But he did not leave the next day, the day after, or the second day after.  Finally, one week after the media first reported that his “beloved Grandma” was dying, Obama finally flew off to Hawaii.  Several Obama critics suggested that he was probably going to visit his birth certificate.  Actually, he was going to procure one.

Upon landing in Hawaii, Obama did not go directly to the hospital as one might expect.  No, Obama went immediately into a closed-door meeting with Hawaii’s governor, Neil Abercrombie.  The meeting lasted four hours!  The national media which spent months prying into the background of Governor Sarah Palin, never did disclose the topic of Obama’s sequestered meeting with the governor.  They buried it.  But you know as well as I do what the topic was.  Hawaii is one of a few states that will issue a birth certificate without requiring positive proof.  A few weeks after Obama’s return, his campaign posted the fake birth certificate on the Internet. 

Barrack Obama is a criminal, a fraud, and a traitor to this United States.  If there is one thing we should have learned about Democrats in recent years, it’s that they will tell any lie, commit any crime, and use any method--the courts, political tricks, and yes, even fraud, to keep themselves in power.  So hear this:

The issue of Obama’s eligibility will come up again--and again--until the truth is known.  Jesus was exactly right when He said, “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.”  When it does, listen to the facts as adults and make a righteous determination--not a childish, political, or racial decision.  Otherwise, one day soon, when your rights have been forfeited, when your wealth is gone, and you struggle to feed your family under the heavy burden of Democrats in Washington whom you cannot get rid of, I pray that someone is alive to remind you that many people tried to warn you who this phony, incompetent dope is, but you wouldn’t listen.  You chose to believe a lie.  Any government that cannot or will not enforce it’s own laws must be replaced. 

What can you do?  Demand that your Congressmen subpoena Governor Abercrombie and compel him to disclose the details of his four-hour-long meeting with Barrack Obama.  Demand to see the evidence that proves that Obama was not born in the United States, and that he be expelled from the Oval Office immediately, and that all payments to Obama the fraud be terminated.  Demand that Obama be tried and sent to prison, and that every law, policy, appointment and executive action be immediately reversed and declared null. 

America’s government officials serve at the pleasure of the people.  The people must make this change happen.  Unless the American people demand that harsh punishment be meted out against government officials who violate the law and defraud the public, the next Democrat or Republican leader who chooses to, will be worse.  Crime unpunished always begets more and worse crime.

The next time you vote for any government official, be sure that you know more about him than the color of his skin, and demand to know details of his or her plans and policies than vague platitudes like hope and change.  For the past six years, America has undergone much change, most of it, abominable, and hope for the future is gone.  We have learned once again, that he who is unfaithful in little will be unfaithful in much.

Be sure that if a presidential candidate is a Senator, that he is not one who is cheating those who elected him out of a full-time salary for only part-time performance.  

A Primer in Islam

Feb. 27, 2015

Mohammed was born in approximately A.D. 580 and grew up in Mecca in what is today, Saudi Arabia.  Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael.  Mohammed was orphaned at age six and was raised by his uncle.  He was probably epileptic because he suffered from seizures.  Growing up, he was impressed by the Christians who lived in the area, and traveled through his town on trading expeditions.  Unlike his own Arab people, Christians took care of the poor, the widows and the orphans.  He learned some disparate tenets of Christianity and Judaism, and filled in what he didn’t know with his own ideas, and many of them were horribly wrong.

Mohammed was illiterate, but he envied Christians and Jews because they had books that told them of their God.  (He often referred to them as “people of the book.“)  Arabs at this time, were mostly idolaters and polytheistic, in fact, they had 360 gods--one for every day of the year.  One of these, Mohammed chose to become the pattern for Allah.

Contrary to widespread belief, Mohammed did not write the Qu’ran (Koran).  In adulthood, he spent time in the deserts near Mecca and claimed to have seen visions in which the angel, Gabriel dictated the Qu’ran to him.  Years later, Mohammed told what he had seen and heard to others who presumably recorded what he told them to write.  Of course, there is no way to know if what Mohammed dictated is what was actually written into the Qu’ran.

Later in life, Mohammed came to despise the Christians and Jews and his hostility toward them becomes more intense and prolific in the Qu’ran.  Mohammed claimed that Jesus, Noah, Moses and Abraham were prophets who foretold of him--the final prophet. 

Islam means “submission” or “struggle“--it does not mean “peace” as has been widely claimed.  Mohammedanism is a works-based religion in which adherents earn their way into paradise by “being conscientious” to pray at the proper times and in the prescribed way to a god who cannot be known, making pilgrimage or Haj to Mecca, by paying alms to the poor and to orphans, keeping Islam’s rules regarding food, fasting during Ramadan, and striving to convert the entire world to their ways.  Dr. Ravi  Zacharias has called Islam, “A state-building religion,” and that is what it is.

In Islamic nations, foreigners are expected to observe Ramadan as well, and can be arrested and jailed if caught eating or drinking in public.  It is called a fast month, but adherents simply gorge themselves between sunset and sunrise during the month of Ramadan.  My last days in the U.S. Navy were spent in Bahrain.  The U.S. embassy there, operated a compound for American citizens and embassy personnel.

Many deceivers say that the Qu’ran is a poetic book that can only be fully appreciated when spoken in Arabic, but it’s difficult for any thinking person to understand how commands of murder can be called “poetic,” in any tongue.
The Qu’ran teaches that Moslems are to respond to non-Moslems by taxing them, enslaving them, or simply killing them.  It does say that “Jews and Christians who believe in Allah and do good will have their reward.” The Cow, v. 62, but Jews and Christians do not believe in Allah, so it‘s a moot point.

The Cow v. 191 says, “Kill them wherever you find them, but not near the mosque unless they fight you, then kill them.  Death is the reward of unbelievers” [non-Moslems].

“Fighting is prescribed for you [Moslems] even if it is abhorrent to you.  It may be that the thing you dislike is good for you.”  Cow v. 216

The followers of Islam who are terrorists, are not a small fringe of extremists.  They commit suicide acts because they do not think they will die.  “Those killed in Allah’s cause are not dead--they live.”  The Family of Imran, v. 169

Mohammed had 13 wives, the youngest was nine years old when he first had sex with her.  Imams can have four wives, but only Mohammed was entitled to more.  Within families, men inherit twice what women receive. 

Wives who are unfaithful are to be kept in their homes until natural death.  Women, v.15

“If you fear your women will act badly,” says v.34, “leave them alone in bed; then spank them.  And if they obey you, seek nothing against them.” 

Women, v. 89 says, “Do not befriend non-Muslims, execute them wherever you find them.”

The Qu’ran claims that Mohammed came to “clarify” scripture for them.  The Table, v. 15

Mohammed could not comprehend the Trinity, (One God in three forms or persons) therefore, he considered Christians to be polytheists.

Much of the Qu’ran is the articulating of Mohammed’s rebuttals to fallacies that he thought Christians believed and professed, but did not and do not.  Sprinkled throughout the text are oddly-placed declarations of the characteristics of Allah.  For example, during Mohammed’s erroneous historical account of Israel, he suddenly interjects the verse, “Allah is almighty, most-wise.”  In other places, he throws in, “Allah is all-hearing, all-seeing,” or after stating that those who do not work are not equal in the cause of Allah, he says, “Allah is most-merciful, most judicious.”  These are repeated ad nauseum. 

In the surah entitled, The Spoils of War, the Qu’ran states, “When you meet unbelievers, [non-Moslems] do not turn your backs on them; their abode is hell.  When you kill them, it was Allah who did so.”  v.15.  and “Fight those who scoff [at Islam] until there is no civil strife.” v.38,39.

Do not accept this account as a comprehensive report of Islam or the Qu’ran, or anyone else’s account.  Read it for yourself.  Copies of the Qu’ran are available at any public library.  The truth is there for all to see.  The Qu’ran is a series of tedious and often unrelated commands and statements, many of which are known to be false, including those which are easiest to disprove, such as the historical accounts. 

Because Mohammed was epileptic, and from what we know about how the mentally-ill were feared and treated, I believe that Mohammed feared being put-away by his own Arab people, and that claiming to be a prophet was the way he avoided this fate.  Unfortunately, the death and misery that this sinister manual of wickedness and death has brought upon the earth’s people will be his lasting legacy for years to come.  

How the Antichrist will Come

Feb. 11, 2015
Many consider it unimaginable that the Antichrist can rise to power undetected, but the fallacy of that belief is being dispelled more and more each day.
Too many Christians today, are woefully ill-informed or misinformed, and are therefore, easily deceived into believing all kinds of heresies such as: social justice, “reproductive rights,” same-sex marriage, environmental justice, climate change and many other false ideals.  Mainline churches in America are dying.  They have been poisoned with numerous secular fallacies that weaken our reliance on Christ and encourage dead works demanded by the disciples of secular idols.  Real righteousness has been replaced with the self-righteousness of secular humanism known as “political correctness.”

There is no doubt that in the last days, the Antichrist will rise to power quickly and without merit, in much the same way Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have.  (The truth is that neither Clinton nor Obama demonstrated good leadership in any of their former roles.  On the contrary, both were abysmal failures who were exalted to a position where their reckless policies caused great harm to many people).  Although there will be plenty of “tells” that the Antichrist is not a man worthy of leadership, mindless hoards will exalt him for no good cause.  Scripture tells us that he will come promising peace.  He will likely promise hope and change, as well.

Ironically, two of the most widely-held beliefs in the world today, have no solid evidence to support them, and yet, millions of people unreasonably and rigidly adhere to them.  These are Mohammedanism or Islam, and Darwinism or evolution.  Let us examine them briefly.

First, Darwinism rests upon the variations in the lengths of the beaks of finches on the Galapagos Islands.  Charles Darwin, who blamed God for the death of his only daughter, claimed that the differences in the lengths of finch bills on the islands was the result of evolution.  But this anomaly is no “smoking gun” for evolution.  On the contrary, it’s simply an anomaly.

Any child who has had a parakeet as a pet, knows well that the beak of his colorful chirping friend is living tissue--keratin, to be precise--the same substance that our fingernails are made of.  The beak of a parakeet grows throughout its lifetime.  When broken, it becomes replaced and the bird sharpens it against cuttlebone because the bill is used as a weapon in addition to a nut and seed-cracking device.  The point is that normal and natural variations in the bills of birds is not evidence of macroevolution.  In fact, it isn’t even evidence of microevolution. 

And now for Mohammedanism or Islam.  Mohammed, Islam’s originator, was born in approximately A.D. 580 and grew up in Mecca.  His father died prior to his birth, and he was orphaned when at age six, his mother died.  He was raised by his uncle.  Mohammed was probably epileptic because he suffered from seizures.  Growing up, he was impressed by Christians who lived in and around Mecca, or traveled through his town on trading expeditions.  He saw that they took care of the poor, widows and orphans where his own Arab people did not.  He learned some things about the tenets of Christianity and Judaism, but many of his beliefs were horribly wrong.

Mohammed was illiterate, but he envied Christians and Jews because they had books that told them of the commands, the promises, the mighty acts and the nature of God.  He often referred to them as “people of the book.”  Arabs, at this time, were mostly idolaters, in fact, they had 360 gods--one for every day of the year.  One of these, Mohammed chose as his image of Allah.

Arabs are the descendants of Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid, Hagar.  Mohammed claimed to be the final prophet of Allah.  Contrary to widespread belief, Mohammed did not write the Qu’ran (Koran).  In adulthood, he spent time in the deserts near Mecca and claimed to have had visions in which the angel, Gabriel dictated the Qu’ran to him.  Years later, Mohammed told what he had seen and heard to others who presumably recorded what the prophet told them to write.  Of course. there is no way to know if what Mohammed reportedly passed along is what was actually written into the Qu’ran.

Later in life, Mohammed came to despise the Christians and Jews and his hostility toward them became more intense and prolific.  Mohammed claimed that Jesus, Noah, Moses and Abraham were prophets who foretold of him--the final prophet. 

“Islam” means submission--it does not mean “peace” as has been claimed.  Mohammedanism is a works-based religion in which adherents earn their way into paradise by praying at the proper times and in the prescribed way to a god who cannot be known, making pilgrimage or Haj to Mecca, by paying alms to the poor and to orphans, keeping Islam’s rules regarding food, fasting during Ramadan, and striving to convert the entire world to their religion.  Dr. Ravi  Zacharias has often said that Islam is primarily, “a state-building religion.”

In Islamic nations, foreigners are expected to observe Ramadan as well, and can be arrested and jailed if caught eating or drinking in public.  I know this first-hand having been in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain during this time.  It is called a fast, but adherents to Islam simply gorge themselves after sunset during the month of Ramadan and abstain from eating during daylight hours. 

The Qu’ran commands domination of the world by Islam.  The Qu’ran commands the killing of “people of the book” who are Christians and Jews and also of unbelievers of Islam whom they consider, atheists.  The Qu’ran describes Allah as an unknowable god who is a vicious and capricious taskmaster rather than a just and loving god.  Allah is not God.  According to the Qu’ran, man was made from a blood-clot. 

Moslems believe that Christians are cannibals because in taking communion they eat the flesh of Christ.   The also claim that the Trinity--God taking three forms, makes Christians polytheistic.  In the second surah called, The Cow, the Qu’ran says that Israel violated the Sabbath and Allah said to them, “Go ahead, and be apes, ostracized” v. 63-66. 

Ignorant populations are easily manipulated, and Americans are becoming increasingly so.  Young adults today, know very little about world history, American history, biblical history or about Christianity, Mohammedanism, paganism or the differences between them.  But many are eager to share their mindless opinions which they hold tightly as if they were facts.  Because of this, they will be easy dupes for anyone who tells them to forfeit their freedom for a “greater good.”

Now is the time for all true Christians to pick-up their swords and come to the battle.  "For truth is fallen in the streets," as the prophet Isaiah said, and only we, who know and love the truth can save it.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the abortion clinic where a seemingly-concerned nurse coaxes a young pregnant girl through the door.  Minutes later, she will exit through that same door, without her baby and missing a piece of her soul.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the public schools where grade-school children are being taught that homosexuality is just a matter of "orientation" and high school kids are encouraged to put on a condom instead of personal responsibility.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the porn shops and liquor stores and movie theaters where each person is sold a ticket or a bottle to escape the insanity of an empty life for a few hours.

Truth is fallen in the streets of Washington DC, where the president is a fraud, and members of Congress steal your tax dollars and mine to keep themselves in office and to enrich themselves leaving us and our grand-kids to struggle under a mountain of debt. 

You know that it’s true, but what are you going to do?  Keep your head buried in the sands of work, television and raising your kids?  What (or whom) are you raising them for?  To become slaves of an insatiable government like you?

Truth is fallen in the street.  Will you pick it up, or will you let it lie?


What is Truth?

People have been asking this question for thousands of years.  Pilate asked it of Jesus, who told him, "I am the Truth," and He is.  But for most of the articles here, truth is simply what is right, real, correct, reliable, verifiable, and trustworthy. 

Some foolish people clamor for "freedom from religion."  Really?  Does anyone really want less righteousness and less truth?

The ungodly despise the notion of truth because to accept it means that there is an unchanging standard of human behavior that they cannot modify as they wish.  It makes their practice of deluding themselves and others much more difficult. 

Obama is a Fraud and here's how I know.

Remember back in the spring of 2008, just after America learned, after repeated denials from Obama’s campaign, that he was friends with the 1970s terrorist and Chicago professor, Bill Ayers?  Weeks later, America learned that Jeremiah Wright--that malevolent racist whose hate-filled rants were broadcast on television--was indeed Barrack Obama’s pastor, and not merely a casual acquaintance, as he originally claimed.  Immediately after Obama was proved to have lied about his involvement with both of these unscrupulous Jacobins, some began to question the place of his birth.

As he had before, Obama tried to ignore the questions, but too many people demanded proof.  The next thing we heard, at the end of the summer, was that Obama’s grandmother was sick and dying of cancer in Hawaii.  We waited for the announcement that he was headed off to Hawaii, but he didn’t leave right away, he didn’t leave the next day, no it was four days before Obama actually left to see this Grandma he called, “Toot.”  But then, he didn’t go straight to the hospital to visit his poor grandmother.  No, he went directly into a secret meeting with Hawaii’s governor for four hours! 

After this sequestered conference, neither would talk, but I’m convinced that this was where the deal was made--the deal in which Obama’s original birth certificate was destroyed and replaced with the phony copy that he has since released.  The left-wing media networks had nothing to say about any of this.

That’s right.  The leftist media--those so-called “journalists” who combed through every fiber of Sarah Palin’s life, and found nothing,  had nothing to say about those intriguing four hours in Hawaii.

"Seek the motive--find the truth."

The emphasis of our site is on providing you with the courageously-honest truth.  This topic certainly should be of interest to you.

For example: There is no such thing as the science of evolution.  Science cannot yet prove the origins of man, but the evidence strongly suggest that man, and indeed, all vertebrates, were created all at once, NOT through tiny changes over millions of years.  They appear suddenly in the fossil record, mostly as they are today.

Tolerance of vice is no virtue.

The ungodly will always identify themselves if you listen long enough and carefully enough.

In America, we kill our babies and baby our killers.

God hates divorce, because it causes permanent damage to children that will take years to uncover, and more to correct.

It's astounding how quickly and viciously the professors of tolerance attack those who disagree with their pathetic little worldview. 

The folks who say, "Mean people suck," are the mean people.

America is in big trouble and the only cure is the Word of GOD.

Instead of fighting against the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to GOD, people should grateful that there IS a way.

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