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Obama's Strange Farewell Challenge

Jan. 11, 2016

Last night at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama delivered his last official public speech to an audience of some 20,000 carefully selected friends, family members, administration officials, Democrat party members, and political supporters.  It was an odd and disjoined address--part victory lap and partly a challenge to fight on, which Obama read from teleprompters, as we have come to expect from the man.  He rehearsed portions of America’s history, even quoting portions of the Declaration of Independence. 

There were a few interruptions at the beginning of the evening.  One woman, holding a handmade sign that read, “Pardon us all NOW,” was quickly subdued and escorted from the venue. 

Obama claimed to have reversed the great recession, saved the auto industry, “unleashed the longest stretch of job creation in our history,” opened up a new chapter “with the Cuban people,” and “shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a shot.”  He credited his administration with taking out the mastermind of 9/11, winning marriage equality, and securing the right to health insurance for another 20 million America citizens.  He declared that, by almost every measure, America is a better stronger place today than when his presidency began.

Most of the Obama speech sounded like a meandering, twisted journey through the land of make-believe, with occasional stops along the way to describe an alternate reality and to credit himself, his party, and his supporters for circumstances that clearly do not exist.  He brought some of his personal experiences into focus and described his impressions of America and what he thinks still needs to be changed.

Barack Obama outlined three threats to our democracy as: “when we retreat into our own bubbles,” “when we accept economic inequality,” and “racism.”  His remarks hearkened back to his first-year complaints of “bitter people who cling to guns and religion” who judge those who are not like them.  He also set the stage for his coming efforts to join with Democrats to obstruct president-elect Donald Trump’s advisors and policies.

The outgoing president also appealed to his audience to “take the challenge of climate change.”  He touted his administration’s efforts to battle the unproven and dubious political theory that mankind is adversely impacting the earth’s atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, but his remarks were short on specific policy changes that had any effect here or abroad. 
In language typical of the liberal party, Mr. Obama decried corporate heads, successful business people and the wealthy for taking unfair advantage of others.  In this way, he reinforced the outrageous claim of former Democrat President, Bill Clinton, who complained in his own term, that some had “profited unfairly.”  However, it is not a legitimate function of the United States government to redistribute the assets of others who earned them legally, or to determine a fairness standard of income equity in the land of the free. 

Overall, Obama’s farewell speech would have been merely inadequate if it had been truthful and honest.  Instead, it read much like a laundry list of radical liberal proposals to specious problems and professions of improvements that were not realized by the American people. 

While Mr. Obama is entitled to his own opinion, he’s not entitled to invent his own facts.  He referred to America as a democracy 19 times, despite the fact that we are not a democracy but rather, a representative republic, and that he and his party have imposed their extremist policies upon America against solid democratic opposition by the majority of the people.

Obamacare was passed along strict partisan lines.  The timeless social foundation of marriage was defined by an unscrupulous Supreme Court that determined to create new rights that are not written in the Constitution.  The rest of the Obama regime’s actions were done unilaterally, without any effort to build consensus, and can, therefore, be easily reversed by his successor, Donald Trump, with nothing more than a signature. 

Contrary to Obama’s claims, the recession, which was created by reckless and fiscally irresponsible mortgage lending policies enacted by Democrats, is not over.  More people have left the workforce, and there is not higher employment.  More people are on food stamps than eight years ago, our laws have been ignored and Iran has been given the funds and a roadmap to building nuclear weapons with which they will threaten the free world. 

Because of Democrat over-reach, the best healthcare system in the world has been reduced to a bloated over-regulated monstrosity that is ineffective, fails to provide adequate care for most people, and is unaffordable.  Race relations in America have retrogressed fifty years in the past eight and acts of terrorism have become rampant.  

The past two terms of Barack Obama’s tenure have demonstrated to every United States citizen, the danger and misery that results when we allow our government to be taken over by radical left-wing policy-makers who have no respect for the people, their freedom, or the limits of the office of president.  

At the end of his historical revision, Mr. Obama thanked his wife, and his two daughters (although only the younger, Sasha, could be seen), Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s wife, Jill.  Ending his speech, Obama said that he was leaving the stage more optimistic about this country than he was when he started. 

Certainly, those of us who elected Donald J. Trump as Obama’s replacement are more optimistic as well, and we can take a moment to celebrate his departure with resounding joy.  Thanks be to God. 

The Truth About Russian Hacking

Jan. 10, 2016

In 2015, the Chinese government was found to be behind a cyber intrusion into the computer systems of the Office of Personnel Management (O.P.M.), which allowed China to gain access to the personal information of some 22 million American citizens.  The Obama administration imposed no sanctions against China for this breach. 

Also in 2015, a consulting firm hired by Obama known as the One Voice Movement, was given $350,000 of  taxpayer funds to engage in overt efforts in Israel to defeat Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in his reelection bid.  Therefore, it is beyond hypocrisy for the Obama administration to blame Russia and impose sanctions for their attempts to influence our elections when there is no evidence that either Russia or Vladimir Putin was successful. 

For more than 55 years, the liberal Democrat media has openly engaged in efforts to influence public opinion in order to give Democrats control of our government.  The American people cannot depend upon these same media operatives to accurately report the truth about any political story. 

Donald Trump has good reason to be highly skeptical about the conclusions drawn by the political leadership of the intelligence community, as do the American people.  All of the bloviating by Obama administration officials is intended only to discredit the legitimate election of a Republican president.  

Object Lessons of 2016

Jan. 3, 2016
The past eight years have exposed a multitude of troubling and dangerous internal threats to the freedom and security of the American people.  Left uncorrected, these risks are guaranteed to resurface and cause onerous and expensive difficulties for all of us.  Donald Trump was elected president because our federal government had become hopelessly corrupt, requiring a complete overhaul.  Liberals will disagree, but successful businessmen like Trump are exactly the kind and caliber of people America’s founders intended to become our leaders--not career lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats. 

The primary reason we are in this position is because too few informed people have been fully engaged in the operation of their government.  We must never again, for example, permit a presidential candidate who is not legally eligible to hold the office, to become a candidate for that office. 

In addition, we must never again permit a candidate who has violated federal espionage laws or any other criminal code or who has recklessly put U.S. national security at risk, to achieve the nomination of a national political party.  For far too long, we have accepted the double-standard that exists in Washington, where Republicans who are accused of any offense, real or imagined, are run out of office, but Democrats who commit crimes are defended by their party and constituents.

In 2008, despite the fact that Barack Hussein Obama had no qualifications for the presidency, no leadership ability and no birth certificate, the media and Democrats hid these facts from the public.  Obama had never led an organization or built a business.  He had no federal government experience of any kind, but did have a number of terrible skeletons in his closet.  In fact, he had only bothered even to show up for his duties in the U.S. Senate, 130 days before he decided to run for president.  American deserves better than this--much better.  

With every new administration, enormous changes are imposed upon the military.  The way that the U.S. Armed Forces have routinely been abused by liberal politicians is unacceptable.  Americans cannot afford to allow Democrat politicians to use the armed services as a petri dish for social experimentation, especially when the trials compel the injection of sexual deviance and perversion.  The mission of the military services is far too dangerous and difficult to be further complicated by political exploitation. 

There must be established a minimum funding level for each branch of the military services.  If the consequences were known in advance, no one would chose to serve in the U.S. armed forces under a Democrat president.  Defense Department budget cuts are often used by liberals to pay for the vote-purchasing policies that they use to keep themselves and their party in office.  All Americans suffer when this inane practice is permitted.

One branch of the federal government that citizens can never again be permit to be corrupted by politics is the Justice Department.  We have seen countless examples of the Obama administration circumventing justice for political advantage.  Attorney General Eric Holder’s illegal Operation Fast and Furious and his corrupt abuse of the department to attack Virginia’s Republican Governor, Bob McDonnell on specious charges cannot be repeated.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s refusal to prosecute crimes such as voter fraud, rioting, espionage laws as well as her crooked secret meeting with former president Bill Clinton while the F.B.I. was investigating his wife, Hillary, can be tolerated no more.  A Justice Department that becomes a political weapon, is incapable of administering justice and it loses crucial public credibility. 

No longer can any sensible person pretend that the mainstream media is a reliable news reporting industry.  They have jettisoned all efforts to conceal their blatant advocacy for the Democrat party, and for this reason, they cannot be trusted as a source of credible information.  Fortunately, technology is pushing them into obsolescence.  Anyone with a smart phone, internet access or even a radio can get the truth about the most important issues that Americans must confront.  An informed electorate is crucial to proper governing of a free people. 

Finally, we must do a better job of educating young people about how American government is supposed to work.  The protests, rioting and threats to electors that  followed the presidential election were, in part, a result of massive public ignorance. 

Many of those involved in the post-election hysteria and protests believed that America’s president should to be chosen by the popular vote.  Why?  Because they erroneously believe that America is a democracy.  This is understandable since Democrat politicians and mainstream media hacks constantly refer to the government as “our democracy,” when, in fact, we are a representative republic. 

The media’s phony pre-election polls, their refusal to report the widespread corruption perpetrated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as the media’s constant implication of Clinton campaign mischaracterizations of Donald Trump as worthy of merit, are to blame for their total lack of credibility.  However, it appears that the disgraced media partisans still intend to proliferate the campaign of public deceit and delusion. 

Watching any Sunday morning network political program, provides ample evidence that the crooked media networks intend to continue fomenting fear and anxiety about the Trump presidency primarily, because Donald Trump vows to reestablish enforcement of our laws. 

British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill once quipped, “The best argument against democracy, is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  An uninformed voter with a ballot is far more dangerous to himself and his nation than anyone holding a gun.    

Nov. 24, 2016
Barack Hussein Obama Preemptively Begins His Revisionism

Disgraced former president, Bill Clinton mercifully waited until he had left office before beginning his effort to rewrite the history of his disastrous tenure in the White House.  Barack Hussein Obama is less patient.

Mr. Obama said recently, “I am extremely proud that over eight years, we have not had the kind of scandals that have plagued other administrations.”  Yes, he really said that!  A number of news sources detail no less than twenty scandals of the Obama administration.  Mr. Obama may be relying upon the “fake news” of media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC and the New York Times to support his outrageously bogus statement.  Those of us who have not been comatose for the past eight years tend to have different recollections.

A partial list of Obama lowlights begins with Solyndra--the solar panel manufacturing company that secured $535 million in federal loans before closing its doors and laying-off 1100 employees.  Obama touted Solyndra as an example of “successful renewable energy” companies. 

Operation Fast and Furious was another major Obama scandal in which the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms compelled firearms dealers to sell guns illegally.  This unlawful action resulted in the deaths of border agents and put guns in the hands of criminal Mexican drug cartels in direct violation of the very federal laws Obama swore to enforce. 

Former Attorney General, Eric Holder was in charge of Fast and Furious, which was a political ploy intended to turn public opinion in favor of radical gun laws of the kind that utterly failed in Obama’s hometown of Gang Land Chicago.  Holder resigned in disgrace. 

Like former-president Bill Clinton before him, Obama used the IRS to target his political opponents.  Applications for tax-exempt status by many local Tea Party groups were stalled until Judicial Watch launched an investigation and broke through the administration’s roadblocks. 

Veterans Administration officials under Obama created another scandal by wasting $6 million on two conferences at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The outrage intensified when it was revealed that millions more tax dollars were wasted on “art works” at several V.A. facilities while veterans were dying awaiting treatment.

Obama’s illegal amnesty-by-executive-order was stopped by federal courts when it was struck down as unconstitutional.  On twenty previous occasions, Obama denied that he had intentions to impose amnesty by executive order and even admitted that he lacked the authority to initiate such a measure.

Without Congressional approval, the Obama administration attacked Libya, involving the United States in a war of questionable purpose and objective.  For context, when Ronald Reagan attempted to provide U.S. aid to Nicaragua in its struggle against the communist government there, Democrats launched a massive Congressional investigation.  No such inquiry was made in the case of Libya. 

While the news media refused to investigate Benghazi, Congress did not, and that examination of the administration’s refusal to protect the Libyan embassy in Benghazi led to the discovery of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.  The Benghazi Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other embassy personnel were killed as the Obama administration stood by and did nothing. 

Mr. Obama may be “extremely proud” of his record.  Perhaps he’s pleased that fawning media organizations have kept quiet, burying the facts about his many scandals and unconstitutional executive actions.  But the sheer number of the dishonorable and contemptible lawless acts committed by Obama and his underlings have so sullied his administration that they make his, the most corrupt presidential administration in modern history, if not all of American history.

Millions of faithful praying Christians--those of us identified by Obama as “bitter people who cling to guns and religion” responded by placing an expiration date on the downward slide of America toward the great abyss.  Obama’s ju-ju must now be eradicated from every corner, crack and crevice of our government and society. 

Despite the dismal Obama administration record, there is reason for great hope in Christian America, because “greater is He that is within us, than he that is in the world.”  The United States and Donald Trump are both going to need our prayers and political support in the months and years to come.  America and President Trump deserve nothing less.

Bad Losers and Democrat Hate Speech
Nov. 17, 2016

Retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid could not leave Washington without lighting a few fires of hate and putrefying the atmosphere on his way out the door.  The fact that Reid is powerless does not deter Democrat media networks from amplifying his despicable rhetoric.  Fortunately for American unity, Democrat senator Harry Reid will soon be gone.  New York Senator Chuck Schumer will be replacing him as Minority Leader. 

Reid’s fatuous and incendiary slanders against Republicans would be criminal if they were delivered anywhere outside Washington.  On many city streets, Reid’s caustic and spiteful name-calling would likely get him shot.  They are certainly below the dignity of any Republican member of Congress, but because he is a Democrat, he gets a pass.

The Nevada Democrat senator has called Donald Trump a sexual predator.  Interestingly, Reid has uttered nary a word of criticism against former president, Bill Clinton--a genuine, well-documented and habitual sexual assailant.  

Reid and Schumer have both called for “fairness” by the incoming Trump administration, but their pleas are disingenuous.  Democrats only begin calling for fairness when they are not in control of government.  Equal protection under the law eliminates the need for subjectivisms like fairness. 

When Democrat politicians like Reid complain about a lack of fairness, they really want special treatment for themselves or one of their varied special interest constituencies like the LGBTQ lobby, environmentalist fear merchants, racial, ethnic or religious minority groups (excluding Christians, of course). 

During the Bush administration, Reid compared the President to Hitler and made feral and bogus accusations of war crimes against U.S. troops.  More recently, at the Democrat National Convention, and in an interview with CNN, Dirty Harry Reid said that the C.I.A. should give Donald Trump a false intelligence briefing saying, “He wouldn’t know the difference.”

On October 30, Reid threatened F.B.I. Director James Comey, saying that he may have violated the Hatch Act, implying that Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server for transmitting classified U.S. secrets was an effort to influence the election.

Parroting Hillary Clinton’s malicious campaign lies, Reid told CNN, “the election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.”  Even Barack Obama repeated Clinton’s vile charges accusing Trump of having ties to the Ku Klux Klan. 

The tell-tale sign that Democrats are bankrupt of workable ideas is precisely what is happening now--they launch into vicious character assaults upon their opponents.  Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election because she had nothing to offer the millions of Americans who trusted Democrats to provide good stewardship over the nation’s vast economic and military power.  Their liberal-socialist policies utterly failed as they always will.  

Abject ignorance and fits of childish venomous slander can be forgiven when they come from a four-year-old, but such reckless libel is unbecoming any member of Congress or president.  Sadly, it’s what we have come to expect from the Left. 

Even if everything Democrats accuse Republicans of was true, they would still be morally superior to Democrats like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. 

America’s best days are yet ahead, but it may be a rough seven weeks until the bitterly divisive hate speech begins to subside.

Repeal the 26th Amendment?
Nov. 14, 2016

For all of the hysteria on the left about Donald Trump’s refusal to prematurely accept the results of Tuesday’s election, someone apparently failed to consult with Democrat supporters of Hillary Clinton.  As millennial anarchists and domestic terrorist members of Black Lives Matter (funded by billionaire trouble-maker, George Soros) rip west coast cities to shreds, the media is already beginning to falsely color the Trump administration as racist, oppressive and hypocritical. 

The blame for this episode of urban destruction and civil unrest belongs squarely on the heads of the media.  For months, the mainstream media has been telling us that Mrs. Clinton’s victory was assured.  Indeed, even on the night of the election, and despite results to the contrary, media talking heads were declaring that a Clinton landslide win was imminent.  Their own distorted polls certainly indicated that would be the case.  Fortunately for Christians and the American working class, the all-important poll of voters, delivered a different outcome. 

Celebrations of Donald Trump’s historic victory are being characterized as “hate,” by our “balanced and unbiased media.”  Fanning the flames of hostility, the “fair and objective media” continues to repeat the baseless Clinton campaign charge of racism against Trump, using the Mexican heritage of La Raza judge, Gonzalo Curiel as prima facie evidence, neglecting La Raza’s militant open-borders policy position. 

CBS News’ Scott Pelley wasted no time in accusing Trump of “backpedaling” on his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, simply because Mr. Trump is agreeable to maintaining two of the A.C.A.’s minor provisions.  President-elect Trump has said that he will keep the provision that prohibits denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions and that he supports the continuation of coverage for adult children for an additional two years.  The other 1199 pages of the A.C.A. will have to go. 

Already, we are seeing signs that Democrats are preparing to fight.  Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren has vowed to oppose efforts by the Trump administration to repeal the so-called “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” or Dodd-Frank bill.  Democrats will use every outrageous trick, lie, and slanderous allegation to thwart the Trump agenda, as well as some that we haven’t seen before.  As long as Republicans keep focused on the Trump goals and become deaf to the din of media critics, Democrats will not be able to stop them. 

The American people have given Republicans control of the House, the Senate and the White House, and now expect Congress to fully and enthusiastically help our new president to achieve his policy initiatives.  Republican leaders must not be fooled into “power-sharing” or making changes to parliamentary procedures in order to demonstrate good will to Democrats.  Liberals will use any kindness offered to them as a weapon to undermine Trump’s goals, as former Congressman Tom DeLay knows too well.

Many of the people I have worked with on the Trump campaign were first-time volunteers.  They saw and felt the destruction that Democrats have inflicted and Republicans have allowed, and they committed themselves to working to end it.  Voters have all had more than they can bear, of self-righteous political correctness and unilateral screeching demands for tolerance and tacit approval of everything except decency and righteousness.

Voters expect Republican leadership to keep all other Republicans in line.  That’s what House and Senate majority leaders are supposed to do--lead, not follow.  The people have demanded that Congress build the wall, repeal Obamacare and cut non-military federal spending.  Republicans must enact the Trump agenda without apology, without excuse, and without delay. 

If Republicans drag their feet on these main agenda items, they will be fired.  It’s time for Congressional Republicans to start acting like the majority party, and forfeit efforts to seek the approval of the corrupt media.  Plausible deniability of the mainstream media’s incestuous relationship with the DNC and their contempt for Republicans has vanished.   

Donald Trump is not a racist, islamaphobe, homophobe, or any other abhorrent vituperation with which he has been maligned.  These are nothing more than conventional Democrat campaign vilifications which they employ against every Republican political candidate. 

In light of the peevish protests, vandalism, rioting, and the need for “grief counseling” that resulted from the inability of student revolutionaries to accept the outcome of last week’s election, perhaps it’s time to repeal the 26th Amendment.  Clearly, these young people do not possess the maturity or wisdom to cast an intelligent vote--neither do they have a direct and significant stake in the process.  These childish protests are the bitter fruit of parental neglect and public education’s abysmal failure.

In the meantime, and especially during Trump’s first 100 days, Christians must remain keenly aware of what Congress does and apply pressure when needed.  Mainstream media will continue its treacherous and blatantly fraudulent reporting of Republican efforts to restore American excellence.  However, the presidential campaign has proven that the influence of the alternative media is growing.

Congressional Republicans are on notice that they must deliver conservative results or get out of the way.  The people who elected Donald Trump are not going away this time.  They want to see the promises manifested. 

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad!  Religious freedom is secure, at least for now. 

Defiance: The Deadly Spirit of Liberalism

Oct. 14, 2016

Preceding every human action is a motivation toward good or evil.  Nowhere is this cause-and-effect relationship more evident than in our American political system, but it does not begin or end there.  No one sets out to accomplish a goal unless there is first a precipitating desire for a purposeful end result. 

For example, each of us builds a lifestyle that we believe will make us happy and give us a sense of fulfillment in our lives.  In order to obtain any objective, we learn that there is an acceptable social framework to which our striving actions must be confined.  This framework or structure provides each of us with protection from the illegitimate and unwelcome pursuits of others and directs us toward our goals.  Disregard for the structure of a society has consequences for the individual and for the society itself.  In recent events, we have seen that these consequences can be destructive and even deadly. 

In order for millions of people to live safely and to pursue happiness in a free society such as ours, each of us must hold ourselves and others accountable to the structure.  This means that we exercise personal restraint over, and accept responsibility for, our own behavior so as to avoid harming ourselves and others.  But we also must oppose those who weaken its structure, legally and morally. 

Something went horribly wrong in the last half of the previous century.  Many people ceased defending the walls of our social structure.  What’s worse, they tolerated the erosion of protective social boundaries to the harm of all.  For the first century and a half of American history, the Church provided the main social structure of our society by defining acceptable moral, ethical and righteous behavior. 

After World War II ended, some were unable or unwilling to recognize its vital role, began to resent the Church’s authority and sought to weaken it by various means.  In war weary America, more people failed to appreciate its protective purpose.  Affronts to America’s moral framework were not defeated, they were ignored.  As a result, the attacks became more defiant and destructive.  Rising liberalism spread like a cancer under the pretense of advancing liberty.  An arrogant spirit of defiance inherent to liberalism began to challenge every social construction.  Defiance is the very essence of liberalism as we can clearly see today. 

Liberalism infected our universities, our government, our courts and our media.  As media’s reach expanded, liberalism and its motivating spirit of defiance spread throughout our culture.  There is now, no segment of our society that has been untouched.
The next defensive boundary that was attacked is the permanence of marriage.  Reprobate and craven sexual appetites caused divorce rates to explode and families to disintegrate.  The wreckage of divorce and the weakening of marriage continues to affect millions of adults and children.  Next, liberalism invaded and conquered the Democrat party.  Reckless sexual promiscuity of the 1960s brought demands for the next deadly breach--the right to life.  Abortion was the result.  Authority to take innocent life was defiantly demanded as a way to avoid the natural effect of sexual immorality.  In America, 60 million lives have been stolen by this savage practice. 

Basic human sexuality came the next target and lesbianism and homosexuality proliferated.  Failing to acknowledge the disastrous consequences of this virulent assault, few fought against it.  Those who did were summarily marginalized, mocked and condemned.  AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases spread rapidly and continue to do so. 

Today, even our legal system is under assault.  American cities burn, businesses are destroyed and innocent people are assaulted and killed.  Those who witness the carnage and dare to speak out against it are once again castigated as simplistic or uncaring, condemned as racists and marginalized as rigid and unyielding.  Our laws are being violated even by those who make them and those who are sworn to enforce them. 

America now has a government that abuses its own people, steals their assets and restricts their rights, violates its own laws, and respects no one.  Our government has abrogated its primary responsibility to protect the people and their liberties.  Can anarchy be afar off? 

For the first time in American history, we have a defiant presidential candidate who has committed numerous federal crimes and neither the government nor the people have held her to account.  Democrat Hillary Clinton defiantly refuses to reveal to the people the truth about her past, her principles or her plans for the future. 

America’s only remaining hope for a future of any kind is to affect an overhaul of our entire society beginning with our government.  Because our rights are defined by the written Constitution, it must be fiercely and courageously defended.  To prevent a resurgence, liberalism and its spirit of defiance must be exposed and eradicated from every area of our society. 

The United States was founded upon good and godly principles of adherence to God’s moral law and common decency.  What we have seen in recent decades is simply the normal and natural result of liberalism’s defiance of God and any standard of healthy righteous conduct.  Therefore, the only way back to a safe and sane American culture is to return to principles upon which the country was founded. 

Defiance of civil and moral law must be met with consequences severe enough to prevent a recurrence.  To the wise, a word will suffice, but to fools and the obstinate, ten thousand are inadequate.  Physical restraint will always be necessary for some.  The road ahead is clear.  If America persists in allowing defiant liberalism to run amok, one of two things will happen.  Either anarchy and misery will envelop the nation or a new revolution will be required to cast it off. 

In the November presidential election, we will soon know what choice America will make.  But make no mistake, if defiant liberalism is permitted to thrive unabated, increasing lawlessness, death and misery are assured. 

Autopsy of an Era

Oct. 8, 2016
In the aftermath of a major national or global crisis, we usually discover a number of warnings that went unnoticed or were ignored.  History testifies that most great civilizations fall, not as a result of external forces alone.  They are first weakened by internal divisions, conflict and flaws within their borders.  External pressures may accelerate their demise, but the autopsies of dead empires invariably reveal numerous internal diseases.   

Most American people recognize that many cultural diseases exist in our country today.  We simply disagree about their root causes or the appropriate course of action that is necessary to repair them.  Every national election brings us to a point where we must make the same determinations. 

Under Barack Obama, America has beheld the most corrupt administration is U.S. history to date.  Lawless executive orders, social divisiveness, gross immorality and reckless military decisions are just the beginning.  The massive economic damage done by the government takeover of America’s health care system has yet to be fully calculated.  Obama desecrated our nation and dishonored our people.  By every objective measurement, the past eight years declare one long career of national policy failure.  Why?  Because the American people got their priorities out of order.  

Contrary to the belief of many, it is not the duty of any U.S. president to provide health care, protect the animals, indulge fraudulent and destructive Climate Change paranoia or to celebrate perversity.  Neither is it the legitimate role of any U.S. president to “level the playing field,” to affirm one race or ethnic group to the exclusion of others or to fundamentally transform the nation.  No, the sole duty of every United States president is to protect the people and their property and to protect and defend our Constitutional rights as articulated in the written document--nothing else.  All Americans suffer when voters neglect this primary purpose. 

We have seen countless Democrat politicians steal the tax dollars and the legal rights of the American people.  As was recently reported, Secretary of State, John Kerry diverted $9 million to a non-profit organization run by his daughter, Vanessa.  The funds were funneled through the State department run Peace Corps, in an apparent effort to conceal the deal. 

We all recognize that there remains no honorable or reasonable justification for supporting Democrat, Hillary Clinton.  Clinton’s long career of crime, corruption, incompetence and mismanagement are widely and well known.  Despite this, the opposition to Donald Trump, while often belligerent, is rarely backed by substantive argument, and the increasingly popular, “A pox on both your houses” is nothing more than a puerile excuse for refusing to expend the effort that good citizenship demands. 

The truth is that only Donald Trump has pledged to fulfill the responsibilities required of a president under the U.S. Constitution.  Some of our neighbors clearly do not like Donald Trump.  That’s fine.  Nobody cares if you don’t like him.  He’s not running to be your pal, chum or buddy--he’s running for president.  But you must vote for him because the actions he proposes are exactly what America needs and that’s what honorable people do.  Your personal desires are irrelevant, as are mine.

We’ve had more than enough reckless experimentation and unintended consequences of ambiguous promises of hope and change.  We’ve elected too many career politicians who use their offices to enrich themselves and neglect their sworn duties.  Americans cannot afford to elect a known career criminal who has no regard for the Constitutional limitations of office she seeks and who demonstrates contempt for the people she promises to serve.   

America’s builders understood the challenges we would face, perhaps better than do we.  Thomas Jefferson warned, “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”  Our culture is awash in information.  Our challenge is to know what information is reliable and what is not.

America needs a drastic course correction, and we need it now.  Donald Trump is the only viable candidate who can deliver that correction and put America back on its proper track.  Let us dispense with the petty personal preferences of style and party loyalty and do what is required of honorable people.  

Another Clinton Running for High Office--Will We Ever Learn?

Oct. 4, 2016
When Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton began his first campaign for president in 1992, reports emerged from the Razorback state that he dodged the draft, said he “loathed the military,” had an extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers and had been accused of rape.  Just ten years earlier, news of an extramarital affair sunk the presidential campaign of former Democrat Senator, Gary Hart from Colorado. 

Ignoring the admonition of Jesus that “he who is unfaithful in little will be unfaithful in much,” Americans elected Bill Clinton and set a course for endless public scandals, a dismal economy and failed foreign and domestic policies. 

In 2008, again ignoring the warning of Christ and Dr. King’s dream that his own children would be judged by the content of their character, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama.  This massive public failure brought Americans the longest-running economic recession, failed foreign policy decisions and the most corrupt and lawless administration in U.S. history.  Terrorists attack with frightening regularity, our cities are on fire from racist rioting and illegal aliens steal American jobs and resources.

Will Americans fail themselves, their children and their country again in 2016?  We shall soon see.  Hillary Clinton is by far, the most corrupt candidate of any political party to ever run for the office of president.  She retains the distinction of being the only First Lady to ever be the subject of an F.B.I. investigation.  She failed to protect Americans under her leadership, intentionally put national security at risk by sending and receiving classified information on an unclassified server and accepted donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access to the U.S. State Department. 

The strategy employed by the Clinton campaign and their operatives in the distorted media has been to attack Donald Trump’s character, perpetrating lies that he is a sexist, racist and xenophobe.  But Mrs. Clinton has her own character problems. 

Rather than supporting and empowering women, she actively engaged in character assassination of her husband’s sexual assault victims.  Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were all victims, first of Bill Clinton’s sexual advances, then of Hillary Clinton through mean-spirited, cruel and baseless accusations. 

Hillary Clinton claims to be an advocate for children, but that too, is false.  The policies of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have not helped children, but harmed them.  There are more children living in poverty now than in 2008, and that number will certainly increase if reckless Democrat policies are permitted to continue.  Millions more will not even be permitted to be born. 

Clinton has introduced no new policy ideas that America can afford, but advocates expanding failed policies like Obamacare, tax increases, foreign policy disasters like the Iran Nuclear Arms deal and refusing to protect our borders.  She has nothing to offer Americans except more misery, scandal and failure. 

November 8th may well be the last opportunity that American voters have to spare this country from certain destruction and cultural collapse.  Hillary Clinton will surely advance every new policy that undermines the family and exalts sexual perversion.  The first and second amendments of the Constitution will be sacrificed upon the great altar of humanist atheism.  Americans will be ruled by illegal executive order and judicial tyranny.  We will become servants of a massive federal government rather than its masters and freedom will be nothing more than a distant memory and hopeless myth of a bygone era. 

Ignorance and sloth brought us to this juncture.  We failed to teach our children and ourselves of our own national history and its noble ideals.  We permitted our government to grow into an unsustainable monstrosity that feeds on the lives of its citizens and we refused to uphold the dignity of men and women that are created in the image of God.  We allowed worthless scalawags and rabble-rousers to deceive us and others. 

There remains only one way left to avoid the collapse of the America that we have enjoyed--elect Donald Trump and work with him reform to this nation.  The $20 trillion national debt and bloated federal government are crushing our quality of life and forcing businesses to close.  Incessant attacks on the family and righteousness by godless Democrat politicians and their special interests have devalued all human life, and they must be repulsed and rejected.  Donald Trump has the plan to reverse the failures of the past 25 years. 

Congress is the people’s voice in Washington, not the courts or the president.  It’s the responsibility of the people to ensure that our courts are not populated by jurists who are defiant or antagonistic toward the Constitution and the rights it enshrines.  Preserving freedom in America requires regular action by informed and committed citizens.  No one else can or will accomplish that role. 

America’s founders and others who came after them warned us that this day would come and how it would arrive.  John Adams warned that our government was suitable only for a moral and religious people.  We have allowed the godless to defile our culture and ourselves.  So thoughtless are the ungodly that they fail to realize that their rights come from God as well.  If rights and freedom are established by government, then government can legitimately remove them. 

Thomas Jefferson said that our freedom depends upon staying informed and yet, we have stopped our ears and gagged ourselves by listening to those who tell us not to talk about politics or religion.  As a result, many voters will not decide for whom they will vote until the last weeks of the election season and then, only by watching television ads and distorted news reports.  They base their decisions on no higher principle than petty personal preference and self-interest. 

There remains reason for hope, however.  George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.”  America’s freedom and America’s future are in your hands.  Buy the truth and never sell it.  Reject the empty promises that demand forfeiture of your dignity and honor.  Don’t trade your rights for the perception of benefit.  We may not get another last chance. 

After the Election
Sept. 9, 2016

Despite the news media’s indisputable and incessant anti-Trump bias and its efforts to bury Hillary Clinton’s crimes and corruption, Donald Trump’s campaign is gaining momentum.  In the past three weeks, Trump has refined his message, reached out to minority communities and pounded the current administration, Hillary Clinton and the Washington culture for their many failures.  While appealing to minorities may be a winning strategy for the Trump campaign, Democrat recklessness and Washington’s complicity have failed the majority of Americans.

There is a palpable excitement and enthusiasm within the Trump campaign, and Donald Trump has a real opportunity to win the November election.  But the changes that Trump proposes--changes that will benefit all Americans, cannot be implemented without the help of the American people, now and over the next four years.
The Obama administration may well be the most anti-Christian government in American history, but it has also been the most anti-American.  More American citizens have suffered losses over the past seven years than in any period since World War II.  Fortunately, the people of the United States still maintain the ability to demand a national course correction every four years.  How bad is the need for a correction?

According to a report by the United States Conference of Mayors, real wages for American workers have dropped 23% since 2008.  Fewer Americans are working and we are all paying more for health care thanks to the fallaciously named “Affordable Care Act.”  The average American will pay over $10,000 per year for health care in 2017.

The United States Navy has only 276 deployable ships--the lowest number since 1916, even though the world is more dangerous due to ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism.  The U.S. Army has gotten smaller every year over the past five years.  In 2015, the U.S. Army Chief of Staff said that the Army was only at 33% readiness regarding its 32 Brigade Combat Teams, and should be at 70%.

Illegal immigration coupled with Congressional neglect are costing Americans billions of dollars in lost revenues and in the drain of public resources.  The Obama administration is resettling 10,000 Syrian “refugees” in America every month who have not been screened to determine is ISIS terrorists are among them.  The American people need to take back their government, but many disbelieve that they have lost it. 

The United States faces many urgent problems, and while a change in leadership will begin to turn the country around, that alone will not be sufficient.  Unless they are preempted quickly, the next series of abuses of an ultra-liberal Democrat president will certainly exceed those of the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Unchecked evil never stagnates; it always continues to grow when not confronted.

Since the primary responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense, Congress should enact legislation that prevents any future U.S. president from gutting the military in order to fund wasteful programs like Obamacare.  Congress must establish a minimum funding level that will prevent a recurrence of the present dilapidated state of the armed forces.  Naturally, Democrats in Congress will resist this initiative.  Therefore, the American people will have to demand that they do so. 

President Ronald Reagan was able to revive the military services after years of neglect by the Carter administration, even with Democrats in control of both houses of Congress.  He did so by appealing directly to the American people.  Donald Trump will have to employ this method if he expects to enact his ambitious agenda.

The federal government is also responsible to protect our Constitutional rights--an obligation that all three branches of our government have betrayed.  The U.S. Senate must refuse to confirm to the U.S. Supreme Court, any jurist who lacks a demonstrated history of upholding and validating the Constitution.  The oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” is sworn by all members of Congress, the armed forces and the president, and it’s the primary role of the Supreme Court.  It’s time the people hold all government officials to that oath.  After all, the Constitution is our only safeguard against another tyrannical and lawless federal administration. 

Obama’s transgender bathroom policy and defiling of the White House with rainbow lights following the Supreme Court’s egregious same-sex marriage decision, are ample evidence that America is losing the culture to wickedness and depravity.  The Church in America is a needed ally in this battle, but it has been sidelined by a previous devious Democrat. 

The IRS provision that allows churches to be stripped of their tax-exempt status, which Donald Trump calls the “Johnson Amendment,” must be abolished.  This law has had a chilling effect on local pastors for far too long, and like all sinister acts, it was committed in the dark.  LBJ inserted this provision into the defense appropriations bill in 1954, rather than openly introduce it to the full senate and risk its defeat and embarrassment to himself. 

Democrat policies are becoming increasingly anti-American and evil.  Sadly, too many of our fellow citizens are ignorant about the corrupt and criminal history of Hillary Clinton and her absolute unworthiness for the office of president.  Many people still get their information solely from the mainstream media which has become an unofficial agent of the Democrat party.  Those of us who know the truth must inform others.  

The differences between the candidates for president could not be more stark.  Americans can either choose freedom, prosperity and safety, or we will have corruption, tyranny and an explosion of lawlessness.  While every presidential election is a referendum on the previous administration, each is also a barometer of the character of the people.  We shall soon prove whether freedom is still important to us and if we are worthy of the sacrifices made by our forebears who left unto us, this great nation. 

Electing Donald Trump to be our next president will be a good beginning, but we must then work to support his agenda if America is going to reclaim its position as the shining city on a hill.

As published in the Roanoke Times

Memories: Real and Imagined
Sept. 3, 2016

Americans have very short memories.  As humans, we tend to recall unpleasant events as less heinous than they actually were.  This mechanism, provided by our Creator, protects us from constant torment by horrible pasts.  When recognized for its proper purpose, it’s a healthy defensive shield.  But some will attempt to abuse this tendency for destructive purposes.  Abusers of children and rapists will often attempt to overwrite memories of their horrific crimes with words of love and caring or convince their victims that the endless pain they suffer is nothing more than misperception.

Historical revisionists are joined today by media storytellers.  Some are news anchors and journalists who rewrite historical facts in order to hypnotize the ignorant and uninformed with a distorted myth, hoping to overwrite actual experiences until the myth becomes de facto reality. 

One example of this technique is the constant reference by network media to the John F. Kennedy administration as Camelot.  Women can be certain that those years were nothing akin to Camelot for Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline, who was publicly humiliated by her promiscuous husband.  Neither was the Kennedy term a fairytale for children who had to learn, drop, duck and cover in nuclear attack drills, and to think twice about eating freshly-fallen snow for fear that it might be radioactive.

Despite the long dark cloud of gloom and doom that hung over the country and the persistent turmoil over the Viet Nam war, many Americans have somewhat fond memories of Lyndon Johnson, despite his overtly racist view of African Americans.  While LBJ is credited for signing the Civil Rights Act, most Congressional Democrats including 18 senators opposed the bill, while 80% of Republicans favored it.  Recent PBS television specials that chronicle the period, among them the dubiously titled, JKF & LBJ: A Time of Greatness, provide reason for suspicion that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution used by Johnson to justify the Viet Nam war, may have been a bogus invention enabling LBJ to portray himself tough on communism. 

By far, the longest and most frustrating 15-month period of modern American history overlapped the last year of Jimmy Carter’s administration.  In 1979, the most powerful nation on earth was held captive along with 51 kidnapped Americans, by Iranian thugs.  Carter’s feckless mismanagement of the hostage crisis mercifully ended his presidency.

President Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 and America was back.  Over the next twelve years, our military and economic strength revived.  The Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall came crashing down.  But then, Americans got sleepy once again. 

In 1992, we were told a fictional story about “a man from Hope” (who was actually from Hot Springs) and we endured eight agonizing years of scandal, corruption, lies and incompetence.  Corpses began turning up in strange and mysterious places where the Clintons had previously been.  School shootings and terrorist attacks were increasing in number. 

When the World Trade Towers were attacked, President George W. Bush sent terrorists hiding in caves of Afghanistan and underground holes in Iraq.  The U.S. economy was recovering, but the mortgage industry was in terrible trouble.  Democrats blocked attempts by the Bush administration to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from hemorrhaging cash.  Eventually we found out why, when Democrat Senators Evan Bayh and Chris Dodd were caught manipulating the rules.  The damage done by their reckless practices and policies created the recession we now suffer under.  Neither was held accountable.  

Once again in 2008, ambiguous dreams of “hope” and “change” carried voters back to Slumberville.  The past eight Obama years have brought us more scandal, corruption, death and despair than even the Clinton years.  We have an administration that not only refuses to enforce our laws, but actively promotes crime by rewarding sanctuary cities that harbor criminal aliens.  Our military is weak, our economy is collapsing, our culture is diseased, and we are told another fairytale. 

For the first time in American history, we have a presidential candidate who is known to have committed numerous felonies prior to the election.  Meanwhile, partisan media hypnotists sing lullabies of fiction and fallacy to the masses hoping they won’t wake up before November.  Stay awake; make America great again. 

You probably don't know me, but if you keep reading, you soon will.  I grew up in the Midwest and in last best days of modern American history.  In the 1960s, kids didn't have to worry about being shot on their way to school, being propositioned by a lesbian or homosexual or if their schools were going to teach them what is true.  None of these can be taken for granted today.

Everyone believed in God because it is the only sensible thing to do.  No one dared to burn an American flag except to decommission it.  Murder was unheard of for most of us, and we could trust that almost anyone would help you if you were lost or in trouble. 




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