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"Seek the Motive; Find the Truth."

Now is the time for all true Christians to pick-up their swords and come to the battle.  "For truth is fallen in the streets," as the prophet Isaiah said, and only we, who know and love the truth can save it.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the abortion clinic where a seemingly-concerned nurse coaxes a young pregnant girl through the door.  Minutes later, she will exit through that same door, without her baby and missing a piece of her soul.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the public schools where grade-school children are being taught that homosexuality is just a matter of "orientation" and high school kids are encouraged to put on a condom instead of personal responsibility.

Truth is fallen in the street outside the porn shops and liquor stores and movie theaters where each person is sold a ticket or a bottle to escape the insanity of an empty life for a few hours.

Truth is fallen in the streets of Washington DC, where the president is a fraud, and members of Congress steal your tax dollars and mine to keep themselves in office and to enrich themselves leaving us and our grand-kids to struggle under a mountain of debt. 

You know that it’s true, but what are you going to do?  Keep your head buried in the sands of work, television and raising your kids?  What (or whom) are you raising them for?  To become slaves of an insatiable government like you?

Truth is fallen in the street.  Will you pick it up, or will you let it lie?

                                    The Divided Methodist Church
April 7, 2014

Right now, the United Methodist Church is engaged in the struggle of its life over the ordination of homosexuals and same-sex unions.  It remains the last mainline Protestant denomination that has not yet surrendered to the demands of militant homosexual and lesbian activists.  How this conflict is resolved will affect every Bible-believing church in America, because if the UMC falls, any church that refuses to adopt a policy accepting of homosexuals as clergy or refuses to sanction same-sex unions, will be marginalized as a church of hate. 

Despite the fact that these secular activist groups have no right whatsoever, to tell the church how it must approach the world, and that the church has no obligation to entertain such heresy, in an effort to appear “open-minded,” the United Methodist Church is listening to them.  That’s their first mistake.

For decades now, the United Methodist Church has focused it’s approach on “love” while purposefully avoiding any mention of truth.  But compassion to the exclusion of truth is not love; it is indifference.  Mistake number 2.

This controversy in the UMC is largely one that the church has created, or, at least, perpetuated.  As every parent knows, failure to firmly state that “no means no,” leaves the impression that “yes” is possible.  In Matthew 5:37, we are told, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’  Anything more than these is from the evil one.”  Why?  Because a “No, but” is both a “No” and a “Yes,” and the hearer chooses which one he will take away.  When it comes to a personal apology, each of us knows that the tiny word, but often ruins it by contradicting all that came before.  It’s a poison pill to church policy as well. 

For many years, the UMC’s official stated position on homosexuality has been a “No” and a “Yes.”  The UMC has stated that “homosexuality is inconsistent with Christian teaching,“ (an unambiguous fact) but then, the policy statement has gone on to say that the church believes that homosexuals are of sacred worth, and that the church “opposes discrimination in regard to employment.”  This shades-of-gray statement is intended to be somewhat ambiguous.  This is mistake number 3.

According to the Book of Discipline, the UMC’s rule book, it’s a violation of church law for a pastor or bishop to conduct same-sex unions, but some have chosen to blatantly defy the policy and even to speak out publicly against it as “hurtful.”  They have it exactly backwards.  It is sin itself that is hurtful and harmful, not the truth about it.  The Judicial Council, the church agency that has jurisdiction over matters of law and discipline, refuses to impose or uphold the prescribed penalties for defiance of the Discipline¾loss of credentials and expulsion from the church.  That’s mistake number 4. 

In New York, a bishop adopted a petition that commended “those who have taken a stand for justice,” by conducting same-sex ceremonies, in some cases, by violating church law.  The Judicial Council saw nothing wrong with this and imposed no sanction.  In a California case, bishops and clergy were urged to “act as if The Book of Discipline does not exist.”  The Judicial Council upheld this decision, because “it is an aspiration, and does not violate church law.”  One must wonder whose interest the Judicial Council is representing.

Failing to uphold any law or policy has the effect of repudiating it.  Lacking from the Judicial Council’s recent decisions, which are propped-up by self-serving and contradictory legalese, is any reference to scripture.  Should not scripture be the church’s guide in all things?  Methodism’s founder, John Wesley certainly thought so.  He claimed to be a “man of one book,” that being the Bible.  The embarrassing decisions of the Council regarding those who perform same-sex ceremonies or publicly bash church policy, read more like the most egregious and unjust rulings of a capricious federal court than those of a church’s judicial body.  We fool ourselves when we confuse moral cowardice with progressive thinking.  There is nothing remotely “progressive” in advocating a 2000-year moral freefall. 

It must be remembered that the church is Christ’s, and it exists because of the membership, NOT the leadership, and if the cases in New York and the western districts are any indication of the rulings to come, perhaps the Judicial Council should be dismissed or its members replaced entirely with laypeople who are knowledgeable about, and who trust, the Bible.  After all, one might require an advanced degree to convincingly explain how the promotion of “very grave sin” is actually love, and how faithfulness to the Word of God is really hate, but one needs nothing more than the scriptures to know the truth.  Paul tells us that the flesh wars with the spirit; and the spirit with the flesh¾and that the flesh must be crucified, not coddled. 

Some have invited this war into the church, and while the issue is clearly settled in scripture, we don’t seem to want to accept God’s answer because it doesn‘t allow any wiggle-room.  God’s purpose in condemning homosexuality is clear.  Since man is God’s most valued creation, and homosexuality is the profane abuse of that creation, it’s condemned, as are all who practice it.  

We have in our possession, the wisdom of the ages, yet the Judicial Council clings to secular legalism and double-speak to justify its unrighteous rulings.  This is not because they do not know the truth, it’s because they choose not to uphold it.  The Pharisees of Jesus’ day have nothing on these hypocrites.

One rare bit of wisdom from the 1960s says, “There is none so blind as he who will not see.”  What benefit is having an “open mind,” if one knows not what to close it on?  It’s time to shut-down the debates over same-sex relationships and the ordination of homosexuals within the church.  The right answer is clear, and we have wasted far too many resources arguing with God and debating the truth. 

The same-sex advocates claim that current UMC policy is not “welcoming enough” of homosexuals and lesbians.  Shall we now adopt policies to attract drug-dealers and thugs?  Surely they are not beyond God’s grace.  How about scammers and thieves?  Are they welcomed enough in churches?  Homosexuality is the only sin for which repentance is not only not demanded, it is not even encouraged. 

The UMC will have to consider quickly, why it exists in the first place.  Is it to embrace the most perverse practices of the world, or is it uphold God’s timeless and infallible standards of righteousness and truth?  While striving for social justice, empowering women, and feeding the hungry might be worthwhile pursuits, they are not the mandated tasks of the church.  The Great Commission is our mandate¾to make disciples and witness of the gospel of Christ to a fallen wicked world.  Disciples of Christ are not made by battling against the Word of God.  They are made by exalting it and proclaiming the Good News that through Christ, sin and death can be defeated. 

Unfortunately, there are two types of people in the clergy of the United Methodist Church today.  There are those who believe that scripture is the final authority on human behavior, and allow scripture to inform their political views, and there are those who adapt their view of scripture to fit their misguided political ideology. 

Ordaining a practicing homosexual is the equivalent of spitting in God’s eye.  Why would anyone expect that a pastor who is drags God’s name through the sewer in this way, can bring anyone closer to God when he himself, is God‘s enemy?  Scripture tells us that “Love of the world is enmity toward God,” James 4:4.  We are not to be “conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of our minds,” Romans 12:2.  And we are commanded to “be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect,” Matthew 5:48.

It would be difficult to conceive of an act more maliciously evil, than to knowingly withhold aid to someone who will certainly die without it.  That is the one who knows  God’s judgment of homosexuality, and callously remain silent.  That is real hatred, and it is being practiced by those who profess to be operating out of “love.”   

There is a simple solution to this schism.  Repeal the current statement about homosexuality, and replace it with the Word of God.  For example, “While homosexuality is a grave sin that God condemns, God’s grace is sufficient to deliver people from it.”  If a policy is written by man, it’s man’s responsibility to define, explain, and defend that policy.  If the statement is God’s Word, He will defend it.
Many of us want to believe that no one is beyond the grace of God, but that’s wrong.  Those are beyond the grace of God who believe that they have no need of it.  If the church surrenders to the destructive demands of belligerent homosexual advocates, the Methodist Church will make itself irrelevant, and any other social improvement efforts that it may espouse will be for naught.  It’s time for all churches to stop dancing with the devil over this issue, or at least, to stop allowing him to lead. 

To Black Churches

I have watched your television programs, and seen the committed followers in your churches, taking copious notes at every sermon.  For this I applaud them and you.  But how is it, that these same dedicated churchmen and women, then go out on the first Tuesday in November and vote for people who are wholly unfit for public office, who despise their God, ridicule their religion, contemptuously advance the American Holocaust of the unborn, and think that they have some measure of character, righteousness, integrity, or Christian faith?  NONSENSE!

In every election campaign, Democrat candidates promise to give the minority population, money that they did not earn, food they did not produce, benefits to which they are not entitled, and they steal from the majority to pay for it!  When will you help them to break the bonds of their addiction to heroin of handouts? 

God has not given you freedom so that you can be shackled to heathen politicians who tell you lies--that you cannot succeed without their newest plan of public theft--that you cannot compete unless you permit them to tilt the ground to your favor--that you can never be happy unless they help you to “get over” on someone else.

Why is it that a couple can come here to the USA from Korea, India, Lebanon, or Brazil, and in a single generation, their families are college graduates, often, without the ability to speak English, and after ten generations, yours cannot graduate from high school?  Are they smarter than you?  More shrewd than you?  From better stock than you?  NO! 

But this they have that you do not.  They do not expect anyone to help them, and instead, they help themselves.  They do not wait around for the right politician to get elected who will change their situations, they do it.  And so can you.

Stop allowing yourselves to used by those who despise you.  LBJ did not liberate you, he enslaved you, and you still haven’t figured out that he was a racist of the third order.  The keys to your bondage are in your own hands.  Release yourselves, go and prosper, but you must leave politics of slavery behind, before you can claim real freedom for yourselves and your families.


Everyone has one, but few people will tell you up front what their worldview consists of. Liberalism, has done massive damage to the security, the economy, and the liberty of the American people. Conservatism makes sense, protects freedom, and defends the people.  I know, they prefer to call themselves "progressive" but that is a lie--there is nothing progressive in a two-thousand-year moral free-fall.  Liberalism makes no sense, protects only the liberty of a select few, and always fails.  The liberal mind is not a sound mind--one in which reason is used.

Taken from USS Virginia (CGN-38) in 1986

Democrat Governors of Virginia

November 1, 2013

It’s election season again.  It’s always clear, because Democrats predictably begin by bashing their Republican opponents.  This year, another carpet-bagger wants to be Virginia’s governor.  Former “political advisor” and fund-raiser (professional prevaricator and hatchet-man) for Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe is running on the Democrat side.  McAuliffe has never held public office, and has lived in Virginia for only 20 years, but is arrogant enough to think that he knows the Old Dominion well enough to be its chief executive.  Arrogance comes with the territory of seeking political office, but it becomes offensive when a candidate’s policies are as wild and flawed as McAuliffe’s.

Let us recall some of the notable acts of recent Democrat Governors.  In one of his first speeches after taking office, Mark Warner bemoaned the fact that he could not simply fire members of the General Assembly who opposed his policies.  Several years ago, then-Governor, Mark Warner ordered State Police Officers and civilian employees to sign the contract with Motorola that gave the Commonwealth the State Agency Radio System (STARS).  This was done for a photo-op.  The signing was premature, and to this day, the STARS system does not meet the coverage criteria that Motorola promised, and State Police officers can find themselves all alone in many areas of Virginia.  Then, there is VITA, the Virginia Information Network Agency.  As a cost savings plan, it may have been a good idea, but the consolidation of IT personnel lacked follow-through.  Now, whenever an agency needs support from VITA, their budgets are charged cost plus 10%.  It’s amazing how this can provide savings to taxpayers. 

During the Kaine administration, the Minnesota-born Senator and former-Governor, part of the maintenance of Interstate 81 was contracted to a private firm in order to cut costs by cutting more VDOT employees.  Now, we have illegal aliens working on Interstate 81.  DBi Services, which is based in Pennsylvania, has illegals installing fences near I-81, mowing the grass, and making repairs.  We have a right to demand that the government that writes our laws, also enforces them.  This should be self-evident, but it isn’t.  And who can forget that monumental waste of taxpayer funds--public preschool ostensibly for the benefit of early childhood development.  Since a child’s moral views are formed by age six, one must wonder if universal pre-K has anything at all to do with academic development. 

When Bob MacDonnell was elected Governor, he asked state employees to make sacrifices, telling them that the lean days were only temporary.  He kept them informed throughout his term of how the job was going, and he got the Commonwealth out of the financial hole that Tim Kaine left us with. 

In one of his early campaign ads, McAuliffe tries to claim credit for bi-partisanship by “reaching out” to Democrats in the Senate in order to pass the transportation bill.  Reach out?  That’s no reach--he’s a Democrat, too. 
Columnist Larry O’Connor says, “There are cynical politicians, there are shameless political animals, and then there’s Terry McAuliffe.”  McAuliffe attempted to portray Ken Cuccinelli as “anti-gay” because he asked the US Supreme Court not to strike down sodomy laws so that the laws could be used to prosecute predators like 47-year-old William Scott MacDonald.  MacDonald was charged only with a misdemeanor for coaxing a teenage minor to have sex with him. 

Now he’s bashing Republican opponent and Attorney-General, Ken Cuccinelli for “secretly giving information” to Consol Energy.  But as Attorney General, Cuccinelli is required to share some information with the company, which is involved in a court battle with a number of landowners in southwest over what they claim are rights to natural gas deposits under their property.  Consol Energy has put millions of dollars in an escrow account from which it may pay the landowners if they win their case in court.  Cuccinelli has very little to do with the case, and nothing he has done will affect the outcome.  Conversely, Terry McAuliffe is under federal investigation for virtually selling US visas to Chinese investors in his electric car company.  There is no question which of these has merit.  He lied about moving the plant to the United States, and lied about Virginia not bidding on the contract. 

Terry McAuliffe claims that there is something improper in the Cuccinelli campaign because the AG accepted a $100,000 donation from Consol Energy, yet that’s a subject he’s be well-advised to avoid, since 80% of his campaign funding comes from sources outside Virginia.  Based on his close ties to the Clintons, one must wonder how many Chinese nationals are on his list of contributors.   

Perhaps Terry McAuliffe has spent so much time with Bill and Hillary Clinton that he no longer knows what the truth is, but we do.  Ken Cuccinelli will lead the Commonwealth in a steady, right and true path.  If that’s not what Virginians want--those who want more nonsense like, “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is” they should vote for McAuliffe. 

Stop Being Stupid

August 20, 2013
In present-day America, we have more information available to us than at any time in the history of the world.  While most Americans consider themselves pretty smart, knowledgeable, learned, and wise, nothing could be further from the truth.  We have often heard the saying, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing,“ and it’s true.  All that many of us have is a little knowledge or none.  Our network newscasters lie to us daily, and call what they do, “shaping the news,“ but it’s just a lie by another name.  Our president has a political advisor, who should really be called, a professional prevaricator, because his job is to “spin the truth,” or, in plain words, lie in order to make his employer and his policies look good or, at least, blameless.

Few things in this world are more tragic or pathetic than adults who lack wisdom, and the United States is full of them.  Knowledge without wisdom can lead to theft, adultery, and mass murder.  Since wisdom is the ability to make good use of knowledge or information, our population today, is acutely unwise.  In too many instances, we ignore or even deny what we know to be true.  That is simply stupid.  Many people will choose to be offended by this word, but most of them will also choose to be offended by any unambiguous statement.  

The primary source of most of our cultural, economic, and political problems is not ignorance.  We know what is right, and intentionally do the opposite.  It is stupidity.  For example, we know that life begins at conception, but we continue to tolerate abortion--that cruel and gruesome method of killing that has taken the lives of 50 million people in America--all of them innocent.  We know that homosexuality is a sick and aberrant behavior, but we pretend that it is simply a lifestyle choice, an “orientation.”  Countless studies prove that homosexuals prey upon children at a rate that is much higher than that of heterosexuals, but we convince ourselves that this truth is not.  Some will even go so far as to say that homosexuals make “better parents,” but this is only true if one believes that sexual assault is an act of kindness.  Putting a child in a house with a homosexual is like putting a Lion in a cage with a lamb.  We know that evolution never happened, but we pretend that it is scientific and, as a result, we teach this lie to our children, or permit public schools to do it for us.

After the killing of Matthew Sheppard, the homosexual community demanded that the government pass a bill to track violence against them.  The FBI now compiles data on violence against homosexuals, and the majority of the offenders are, yes, homosexuals.  (You won’t hear this fact on the nightly network news, nor will you hear any stories about homosexual men sexually assaulting or raping young boys, but it happens more often than you know.) 

Stupidity coupled with arrogance is simply hideous.  Examples are all around us.  Gay pride, pro-abortion demonstrations, universal health care, and gun control, are but a few.  We know that gun control laws do nothing to curb gun violence, but we pretend that more gun laws will make us safer--that enacting more laws is a meaningful step toward addressing the problem.  Although we know that Barrack Obama is not a legal citizen, is a racist, and cheated his Illinois constituents by attending only 120 days of his 6-year Senate term, people voted for him as if the truth was otherwise. 

Although we have laws against people hiring illegal aliens, the laws are not enforced.  As a result the United States has approximately 12 million illegal aliens running loose at any given time.  Many of these come here to escape arrest for crimes they committed in their countries of origin.  But the flood of illegals continues because some folks would rather turn a blind eye if it means they can save a few hundred dollars off the cost of their new house, and because the current administration has decided not to deport or even arrest those who are found.  That’s a most amazing hypocrisy--we have a president who swore an oath to enforce the laws of the United States, but he blatantly acts with hubris to aid in the commission of crimes he doesn’t like--and the country re-elects him.

I often wonder, “Where are the adults in America today?”  Is everyone so preoccupied with their petty little lives that they cannot be troubled to learn how corrupt the United States has become or do anything to stop it?  Or have we all become corrupt ourselves?  One of them must be so.  How much more of this do we think God will tolerate? 

We have no justice in America because prosecutors would rather make a plea deal than try a case.  They do this ostensibly to save money for the taxpayers, but one must wonder if the real reason is simply because it’s easier for them.  Even when a criminal is convicted of premeditated murder (which usually requires multiple deaths) in most states he is sentenced to life.  A man puts an innocent person to death, and we award him life.  Many states provide the death penalty for murder, but only Texas and Virginia actually execute them.  Once a victim is dead, he or she in essentially forgotten.  I don’t know who originally said, “We kill our babies and baby our killers,” but it’s very true today.  In this insane culture, we have no right to be surprised when someone takes a gun to a school or a shopping mall, and begins randomly killing people. 

Our economy is on the verge of collapse, and our national debt is at a historic high, and rising.  We have raised generations of people who are incapable of thinking for themselves, are ignorant of their nation’s history, do not know right from wrong.  They have a deeply-rooted sense of entitlement.  It does not look for America’s future.  I would advise no one to invest in U.S. Savings bonds or Treasury notes.  They may soon be worthless. 

A Word About Generalities

Generalities are statements that are generally true.  They are not made false by one of two exceptions--they are true more often than not--how much more depends.  They may be true 60% of the time or 99.9% of the time, but they are generally true.

Contrary to the opinions of some, statements of fact or generalities are not hate.  I must point this out, because many of my ideological adversaries will claim that any statement they do not like to acknowledge is about hate.  So if this is you, please "keep an open mind," and think before you attack and bash that which is true.  Offensiveness will not silence the truth, but it will reveal the originator for the petty, insolent and ignorant fool that he or she truly is.

In America, each and every day we are being systematically lied to by our government, by our public schools, by network television news anchors, and often, even by ourselves.  The first step to finding the Truth is to admit that there is such a thing.  Truth is the constant, reliable fact or process that does not change with time or circumstance.

What is Truth?

People have been asking this question for thousands of years.  Pilate asked it of Jesus, who told him, "I am the Truth," and He is.  But for most of the articles here, truth is simply what is right, real, correct, reliable, verifiable, and trustworthy. 

Some foolish people clamor for "freedom from religion."  Really?  Does anyone really want less righteousness and less truth?

The ungodly despise the notion of truth because to accept it means that there is an unchanging standard of human behavior that they cannot modify as they wish.  It makes their practice of deluding themselves and others much more difficult. 

Obama is a Fraud and here's how I know.

Remember back in the spring of 2008, just after America learned, after repeated denials from Obama’s campaign, that he was friends with the 1970s terrorist and Chicago professor, Bill Ayers?  Weeks later, America learned that Jeremiah Wright--that malevolent racist whose hate-filled rants were broadcast on television--was indeed Barrack Obama’s pastor, and not merely a casual acquaintance, as he originally claimed.  Immediately after Obama was proved to have lied about his involvement with both of these unscrupulous Jacobins, some began to question the place of his birth.

As he had before, Obama tried to ignore the questions, but too many people demanded proof.  The next thing we heard, at the end of the summer, was that Obama’s grandmother was sick and dying of cancer in Hawaii.  We waited for the announcement that he was headed off to Hawaii, but he didn’t leave right away, he didn’t leave the next day, no it was four days before Obama actually left to see this Grandma he called, “Toot.”  But then, he didn’t go straight to the hospital to visit his poor grandmother.  No, he went directly into a secret meeting with Hawaii’s governor for four hours! 

After this sequestered conference, neither would talk, but I’m convinced that this was where the deal was made--the deal in which Obama’s original birth certificate was destroyed and replaced with the phony copy that he has since released.  The left-wing media networks had nothing to say about any of this.

That’s right.  The leftist media--those so-called “journalists” who combed through every fiber of Sarah Palin’s life, and found nothing,  had nothing to say about those intriguing four hours in Hawaii.

"Seek the motive--find the truth."

The emphasis of our site is on providing you with the courageously-honest truth.  This topic certainly should be of interest to you.

For example: There is no such thing as the science of evolution.  Science cannot yet prove the origins of man, but the evidence strongly suggest that man, and indeed, all vertebrates, were created all at once, NOT through tiny changes over millions of years.  They appear suddenly in the fossil record, mostly as they are today.

Tolerance of vice is no virtue.

The ungodly will always identify themselves if you listen long enough and carefully enough.

In America, we kill our babies and baby our killers.

God hates divorce, because it causes permanent damage to children that will take years to uncover, and more to correct.

Its astounding how quickly and viciously the professors of tolerance attack those who disagree with their pathetic little worldview. 

The folks who say, "Mean people suck," are the mean people.

America is in big trouble and the only cure is the Word of GOD.

Instead of fighting against the fact that Jesus Christ is the only way to GOD, people should grateful that there IS a way.

In the meantime you can reach me at tim@tpbuchanan.com, or by leaving a message on the Guest page.